Freshly squeezed juices can add a lot of value to the overall well being of a person’s health. So, whether it is a restaurant or any other juice bar, commercial juicer needs to be added to the kitchen tool kit. However, there is a lot of competition and variety in the market and there are several types of models available, here’s how you can decide on the best juicer available for your establishment.

The Juicer Machines

To keep up with the high customer demands you need to go for the commercial juicer. These machines are specially designed to quickly extract the juice from a wide variety of food items. These machines are not just limited to processing fruit. These are designed to handle a medium to high demands of juices and the price range also varies accordingly.

  • Centrifugal Juicers: This type of commercial juicer is designed to chop fruits and quickly spin it against a sieve, and then finally extract the juice by a centrifugal force. The speed introduces a high volume of air into the juice, but many consider it to be a drawback. The first problem is that the air in the juice makes it shorter in shelf life compared to that of the juice that is extracted by slower methods. The problem here is that oxidation destroys some of the nutrients in the juice and so the juice that is produced by this juicer may not necessarily be beneficial for the drinker’s health. These juicers usually create frothy juice which may not go well for some of the users.
  • Chewing (Masticating Juicer) Juicer: The name masticating simply means to ‘chew’. It gets the name from an auger assembly which is designed to chew the produce and separate juice from the pulp. Generally, these juicers are more thorough when compared to the other juicers and these can produce a higher volume of juice when compared to the other options. It helps bring out thorough results and this in terms brings out the best benefits. These are sometimes also referred to as the slow juicers because the process to derive juice from them is slower when compared to the other options.
  • The Juice Presses: Juice press is one of the most non-complex of the products that you can get. It is simply known as the manual juicer but is widely used as a commercial juicer as well. This juicer will stand upright on a metal base and the overall process to get juice is easy. Generally, it is designed to deliver the highest volumes of juice from the produce. The investment is also not that high, and so the business on it helps deliver returns in just the initial few days.

Features of Commercial Juicers 



Here Are Few Things You Must Look into Before Buying Your Juicer: 

  • Solid built
  • Ease to use
  • Easy to clean
  • High speed
  • Reliable and durable 

Getting Commercial Certification for A Juicer

Commercial juicers are certified for it. You may be tempted to buy a sub-standard product because of the low price but you need to also keep in mind that the overall cost is not the deciding factor but the quality of what you will experience for the next few years. So, look for the product that has a commercial certification.

The above mentioned are just some of the options that are available for you out there. So, make sure that you compare these and get the best commercial juicer for your respective business. The time that you end up spending in getting one of these will ensure that you also get the best returns on your investment in the future.