Keeping your home cool in the summer can sometimes be a challenging and expensive affair. When it seems like you just can’t get your house cool enough, it might be time to examine some common problems and fix them.

Insulation and Air Leaks

Two of the most common reasons for poor temperature control in your house are air leaks and insufficient insulation. Homes in warmer climates tend to have less insulation compared to those in colder climates, but insulation is equally important for them as well. It helps keep in cold air just as effectively as warm air. Adding insulation throughout your house can be a big expense, but it may be worth it in the long run.

You can also do a simple check for air leaks throughout your house. These are most common around windows and doors where the frame may be old and the wood is separating. You could fill gaps you find on your own, but it’s usually better to call a professional.


Your windows are a major source of heat exchange with the outside. One option is to simply install better window covers and keep them closed. Your house can benefit tremendously from just shutting up windows that are facing the sun and keeping that light and the heat it generates out of the house.

If your house has lots of windows or windows that can’t be easily covered, then increasing the thermal resistance of the window glass itself is the answer. Dual pane windows help prevent heat exchange with the outside. Windows can also be treated with specialized coatings that help them reflect heat from sunlight. These sorts of windows and coatings are more expensive upfront, but they will ultimately save a bundle in air conditioning costs over time.

AC Repair and Updates

Have you noticed your AC working constantly but never actually cooling your house down? It may be time to update or inspect the system itself. AC systems need routine maintenance and inspection at least once a year. The intake filters for the fans may need changing or cleaning once every month or two. Your AC system should be professionally inspected by a company like Cape Fear Air Conditioning & Heating Co. Inc. before the start of summer to ensure it is working properly.

The efficiency of AC systems has also come a long way in recent years. If your system is older, it may be worth the expense to replace it entirely. No AC system lasts forever, and running an older and less efficient system may not be worth the electricity costs compared to a modern system.

Attic Fans and Ventilation

Your attic and roof play big roles in the temperature efficiency of your house. For one, your AC ducts may run through the attic. Ventilation plays a big role in keeping your house cool. If the attic air is very hot, your system is working extra hard to cool down that air and may not be enough to cool your house on very hot days.

Having a hot attic also makes it harder to keep your house cool regardless of your AC setup. The intense heat also strains your roof materials. It is well worth the expense to install an attic fan or ventilation system to keep your attic space cool. You may also want to install better roof insulation or a thermal barrier as part of your roof design.

Beat the heat this summer with some planning and preparation to make your home comfortable and more energy efficient. By fixing these common problems air conditioning and temperature control, you can survive the worst heat waves nature throws at you.