Explore San Antonio and Enrich Your Life:

Is it about time for a vacation? How about considering San Antonio as your ultimate destination? Texas is an interesting state with wide open blue skies and a history of crusty cowboys and adventure which makes it a perfect place to visit and explore. There are lots to do and see, so buckle your seat belts. Here are some examples of what you would find there, and the kinds of experiences you would be able to share with your family.

The Alamo:

Of course, there is the Alamo, a must-see for those fascinated by the history of the west. It was originally a mission site that was created to educate the local Native Americans but became a fort not long after. The Battle of the Alamo is what the building is most known for, a pivotal fight in the Texan revolution. The Mexican troop leader during this battle was so cruel that native Texans willingly signed up to defeat him during this fascinating key moment in not only Texan history but in American lore. Davey Crockett was one of the killed, “with no less than 16 Mexican corpses surrounding him”, according to an eyewitness.

San Antonio River Walk:

There also is the San Antonio River Walk, a central meeting place with eateries and shops. It is along the San Antonio River and a great place to take the family out to eat and explore local idiosyncrasies. There are hotels in San Antonio along this river walk, one story beneath the streets of San Antonio. It’s got a series of pathways so that you can explore the river and whatever there is to find along this important waterway in the area.

The Tower of the Americas:

The Tower of the Americas is a must for those interested in seeing San Antonio from quite a height. It houses a restaurant so that you can enjoy the local fare while immersed in the beautiful views. It was built as the theme structure of the 1968 World’s Fair when the event was in San Antonio.

Tips To Enjoy a Good Trip:

Prepare for emergencies. Pack a first aid kit in your car or luggage so that you can be prepared should something occur while in San Antonio. Prepare based on where you are going, as well. For a place like San Antonio, perhaps you should remember to bring your sunscreen, aloe and bug spray.

Taking time for yourself is highly important. It gives you a sense of accomplishment to save for the perfect vacation. Saving up for San Antonio and getting a taste of Texas would be a memory that would last many years and bring a smile to your face. It is important to take time to enjoy what traveling has to offer, and visiting a place like Texas-filled with the spunky and feisty-can bring up your spirits so that you can experience another year of work and the mundane.

We hope you enjoyed this little list of the gems of San Antonio. Visiting Texas at least once is a must because it is such a unique state. In many ways, it is like a country of its own. San Antonio looks forward to meeting you.