Part of being a parent is dealing with the fact that at some point, you’ll be dealing with your child sustaining an injury of some kind, at some point. This is a scary thought, but in reality, it’s something that is likely to happen to every parent. The important thing to keep in mind is to prepare ahead in case of any accidents, do not panic, and having a plan of sorts as to the proper steps to take. Child park-related injury can be scary, but learning what to do just in case is worth it.

What Should Be Done?

A major part of growing up for any child is the reality of sustaining at least some injuries throughout youth. We can all agree, for the most part, that most park-related accidents end up being harmless. The Centers for Disease Control is claiming that over 200,000 kids are sent to the emergence room after being injured in parks. Nearly 45 percent of those injuries are considered serious, and will result in broken bones, dislocated bones, internal injuries, eye injury, or head trauma. Make sure to watch your children as close as you can while playing at the park.  One way to do this would be to play with them on the playground, but do not be a helicopter parent either.

Parental Advice

As a parent, it is of vital importance to try and keep a level head in determining who is liable for your child’s injury at the park. Playground and park injuries are a bit of tricky area to deal with. The fact of the matter is, is being liable for negligence can happen anytime. And as a parent, your role now is to be a bit of a “detective”, and try to perfectly and accurately determine where the liability is. Write down the things you remember from that day at the park.  Make a list of the various parts of the playground, especially the more precarious toys that are a bit harder to use.  These might be the ones that can easily injure a child while playing on them.

Who is Liable?

There are many liabilities when it comes to children and park-related injury. Some of the most common ones include: equipment failure, poor equipment condition, lack of/no supervision, animal bites, slips, trips, and falls. Professionals, like those at Blomberg, Benson & Garrett, know that some of these type of injuries can be caused by the negligence of another person. Being injured while on another person’s property may result in filing a negligence claim against that person. Just make sure to get the facts of the case to make the situation right, do not just go after people just because you can.  Make a point to be honest and good will come to you.

It is imperative to understand the significance and possible repercussions of child park-related injuries. Knowing exactly what to do in order to press forward in your case is not only a fantastic idea on its own, but is also necessary to prevent future issues.