Vodafone is a giant telecommunications company with over 100,000 employees (107,667 in 2016) all over the world. Working for this London-based multinational has several benefits, among them the opportunity to work all over the world, good compensation and packages, and a challenging and exciting work environment. As a telecommunication company, it follows that most of the jobs at Vodafone are technical in nature. So, what such opportunities are there at Vodafone?


  1. Planning roles: The technical side of Vodafone is broadly categorized into think, build, and run. The planners are responsible for thinking about how the network will be. This could be the transmission network, GSM network (BSS), intelligent network (IN), IP network (IP/MPLS), access network, power, IT network, or core network (MSS), among others. The planned network is then built, usually in collaboration with contractors.
  1. Support roles: Support roles involve the back office work that goes into running (operation and maintenance) of a network. These are the people responsible for configurations, faulting, and the day-to-day running of the network.
  1. Field maintenance and service delivery: These are the engineers and the technicians on the ground. They maintain the physical infrastructure such as the equipment and the fiber optic network. They work with support engineers in faulting. Service delivery involves connecting the customer on the last mile once configurations have been made by the support team.
  1. Optimization: You could also work as an optimization technician where you optimize the network (such as indoor 2G/3G/LTE coverage).
  1. Customer care: You can work as a customer care representative specializing in technical issues. This mainly involves answering customer queries. This is usually through the phone, but you could also serve a Vodafone customer through SMS, the different social media channels, and via email. If you want to reach Vodafone, call the customer service number 0844 776 9658. Note that although 084 numbers cost 7p per min over and above the access charge of your phone provider, calling this number means minimal waiting time.
  1. Service monitoring: This involves monitoring the network around the clock and escalating issues that arise to the relevant team (such as to transmission support in case a site goes down due to transmission failure).
  1. Management: You could be a team leader or a manager responsible for a technical team. You do not need technical know how to be a manager, but you need to be an expert to be a team leader.

About Vodafone

Vodafone Group is the fifth largest mobile operator by revenue and second behind China Mobile in terms of customers. The company is listed in the London Stock Exchange and NASDAQ and its market capitalization is close to £100 billion.

Vodafone has a presence in UK and most countries in Europe, U.S., Australia, DR Congo, Egypt, Kenya, Kuwait, Ghana, Lesotho, Bahrain, Mozambique, Qatar, Libya, Tanzania, South Africa, UAE, Egypt, Libya, Chile, Brazil, and several other companies as an NVNO or a partner with an existing operator (such as Vinaphone).

The company has been around since the early 1980s, having evolved from Racal Strategic Radio Ltd, a company involved in the making of military radio technology, as well as Millicom. Other than mobile telephony and data, Vodafone also has an interest in mobile money (such as M-PESA and M-Paisa in Kenya and Afghanistan respectively), in healthcare (mHealth), in transportation (taxi hailing apps), and in the Vodafone Mobile Wallet in collaboration with VISA.