Exercise is not the only component of an excellent muscle building routine. You need to increase your intake of protein and muscle building food along with working out regularly. Supplements can vary significantly according to their contents, effects and muscle building powers. If you are about to buy a fantastic protein powder or a health supplement, there are a few things it should have. Without going into too many intricate details, your supplement should contain at least one of these muscle builders –


Almost all popular protein powders contain whey. It is a natural protein from milk (curd) that has three branched chain amino acids. These essential amino acids synthesize muscle protein. Leucine, isoleucine, and valine are standard components of our daily food. Our stomach digests them easily, without too much hassle. The only trouble is for the lactose intolerant souls who are unable to digest Whey.


It is also a milk protein and a very common constituent of all protein shakes. It is a slow release protein that helps to rebuild muscle fibers, regenerate muscle activities and retain muscle mass. The best way to consume casein is by mixing it with part whey and part soy protein.


It is a plant protein. Therefore, not many people are allergic to it. It is also an excellent protein source for vegans. It has all 20 essential amino acids, and it works great in combination with any anabolic steroid.

It is a challenge for vegetarians and vegans to build muscle mass without much red meat and lean protein in their diet. You can check out legal bodybuilding steroids for sale – toplegalsteroidsforsale.com that can help you bulk up much faster than conventional vegetarian protein supplements.


It is not a protein but a component of muscle synthesizing pathways. It produces much energy that stimulates muscle building and prevents muscle decay. It increases strength and increases the size of muscle fibers. Creatine is also an excellent balancing element that promotes neurological health.

Omega 3 and omega six fatty acids

These fatty acid classes are all polyunsaturated fatty acids that occur naturally in different kinds of fish, nuts, and avocados. They are anti-inflammatory in nature, and they have help in the micro-damage recovery of muscle fibers after a workout.


HMB or β-Hydroxy β-Methylbutyrate comes from the breakdown of leucine. It can increase recovery, promote mass muscle gain, decrease fat store and reduce swollenness after intense working out. HMB prevents all forms of muscle decay, and it helps you stay in shape for as long as you exercise.

Hemp protein

Hemp is the new supercrop. It has all the muscle building, detoxifying and restorative properties you can hope for. It has all the essential fatty acids you need for healthy muscle growth. It is 100% vegan, 100% gluten-free and 100% organic!

These are the few alternative sources of proteins you should try along with your regular diet. There is some option for everyone interested in becoming fit and fab within a short span of time.

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