Is there a home painting job you need to complete? Well, if you have the time, knowledge and tools, then you can perform the painting job; however, you might not get the desired result that professional painters can provide. Besides, painting is not an easy job, you need to stand, climb the ladder and paint continuously. Moreover, depending on the size of your home, it may take more days to complete a full-fledged paint job. If you have a small touch-up paint job to do, then you can do it yourself quickly without calling professional painters. But for a full-fledged home painting job, it is better to hire professional painters in Sydney for superior results, which will also keep you away from stress. Here are top considerations that you need to look at when hiring professional painters:

1. Painting Speciality – What Are they Good at?

When hiring professional painters, you should know what they are expert at – is it interior painting or exterior painting, or both. That’s because if you need to undertake interior and exterior home painting including roof painting, then you can entrust all the paintwork to one single contractor if they provide all of the painting services. If not, then either you will have to search for the painting contractor who does it all or get different paint contractors to complete different paint jobs.

Ask how long they have remained in the business? Is it 5 years, 7 years or 10 years etc.? Besides, read customer reviews, which will help you to narrow down your options. Moreover, getting feedback from their past clients can be quite helpful in understanding their performance in terms of speed, safety and quality.

2. Certifications – That Help Establish Credibility!

When you meet your potential local residential painters in Sydney, ask for a valid licence. In case, a licence is not a prerequisite in your state, then check if they are involved with industry-specific groups such as the Master Painters Association so you can measure their credibility.

In NSW, a license is needed before undertaking any residential building work, which includes painting, estimated at over $5000 (including GST) in materials and labour. However, since 2015, stand-alone contracts for internal paint job does not need a licence anymore, unless the paint job is a part of other home construction work.

For big projects, insurance is also a prerequisite. Whether the paint job is for outdoors or indoors, look out for professional painters with public liability insurance to help shield your finances when accidents happen. It’s not obligatory for all painting contractors, but it’s safe to hire a painter that can help you avert financial losses.

3. Warranty

  • Do the warranty offered by professional painting contractors include both materials and labour?
  • If unanticipated damage occurs, up to what extent they can offer warranty privileges?

All of these considerations will add up to the standard on how you choose the right painting contractor.

4. What about Community Participation?

When hiring professional painters, you need to check about their community participation. If your potential painting contractor often engages in doing charity works, then it pays to hire a painting contractor who gives back to the needy people within the community.

5. References

Well, you can check out the contractor’s portfolio to look at their past accomplished projects. Some painting experts maintain their website, so you can check out their “completed works” section to get an idea of what they have accomplished. Similarly, if you have someone from your neighbourhood who had completed the same painting project from a professional painter, then you may ask for before and after photographs to see the final result.

6. What Is the Cost?

Well, you should talk about the cost up-front, so you get to know their payment terms and conditions. Ask them if they offer any written quotations to make sure there aren’t any hidden prices that will be charged. It is recommended to prepare a plan before giving it to your appointed professional painters. It will help you to itemise the quotation and pinpoint any missing details.

In case, your local painters do not give you a draft listing out the project specifications with corresponding costs, then consider it as a red flag. Ensure not to sign any written agreement and thereby protect yourself from substantial future losses. A systematic cost breakdown is a pointer of precise quotations.

Final Words

Say no to inferior results! The pointers mentioned here will help you select the right professional painters in Sydney for your home improvement project. It is vital to know about their expertise, credentials, warranty, social engagement, references and written quote estimate, to make the right decision.