Weddings are such a big deal and the photos must be on point. Some brides want the color scheme to match in every aspect of the wedding. Call it bridezilla tendencies or any other part descriptions; the point is, it is important to the couple.

Wedding robes are a big part of the wedding and must match everything else. They also serve some practical purposes:

  • They protect your clothes and those of your bridesmaids as you get spruced up for your big day.
  • They look really cute in the wedding photos.
  • They are a great thank you gift for your friends and family, as well as a wedding souvenir.

So, what do you look out for when shopping for the perfect wedding robes? Are you going with custom robes or regular ones? Either way, you need to consider the following:

The style

Robes come in a variety of styles, so you will be spoilt for choice. You will come across:

  • Floral robes
  • Monogrammed ones
  • Lace robes
  • Satin
  • Silk

Your color scheme should be enough to guide you in getting the style that will blend with your overall scheme. You want to think about your wedding photos and the effect the robes you choose will have in the photos. Before you latch onto any particular style, think about your for-all-time wedding photos and the memories they will evoke. Also, don’t go for a style that will make your bridal party feel ridiculous and give you fake smiles while dropping bombs behind your back.

Also important is your bridesmaid’s skin tones and hair color. The season is also important. Too light in winter and too heavy in summer will not work out too great. You could have robes with the same type of flowers but different colors, for example. You could also do different colors for yourself, your maid of honor, and the mother of the bride. Everybody else can have a uniform color.


Take care of everyone’s preferences. Unless you are very particular and choosy and leave some of your friends and family out (they may never forgive you for that), everyone will be different in shape and size. You must, therefore, find that delicate balance between style and comfort. You do not want anyone to feel slighted or left out because you were insensitive to their shape or size. The photos will have some very sore expressions if you do that.

Your budget

Inasmuch as you want everyone to be happy, stay within your budget. It is supposed to be an extended honeymoon…for as long as that can stretch…but debts come with a whole clan of stress and resentment. If your bridesmaids are paying for their robes, consider their feelings and don’t impose a budget on them. Allow them to come up with one they are comfortable with.

Also important is the delivery time and accessories and if you are going for custom robes, you will be looking at custom accessories as well to go with that theme. But remember that you must stick to your budget…unless money is in plenty.