Led light bulbs have been widely used as decorative lights or indicator lights for years since their first launching and introduction. Using led spot light bulbs enable us to give full play to our creativity and imagination to decorate our living place in our own style. Owing to their diversified color choices and unique flexibility which determines their versatile applications, we are now able to use these in every possible place except for residential places, even in car.

Actually, LED light bulbs have been widely used in car for past few years. For exterior lighting, you can find LEDs in car headlights, fog lights, license plate lights, turning lights and more. For interior illumination, there also have White Festoon Interior LED Car Lights, led trunk lights, courtesy light, dome light and indicator light. These lights are just for basic illumination, for people who like to beautify their treasured car and make it dazzling on the road, we also have color-changing led strip lights to accomplish this mission.

Led strip lights are one of the few types of existing flexible lights in the word which can be applied to automotive lighting. Certainly, there must have many other reasons for their popularity. Needless to say that they are much more energy-efficient than normal lights, most people have been aware of their strong capability in reducing energy bills. Moreover, their ignorable heat emission also helps them a lot to become the preferred choice for car owners. However, it’s just their unique flexibility which makes them the best substitution for conventional lights in car accessory market.

To cater for the curved appearance of car, only led strip light can make a gliding decoration. Due to their tiny size and flexibility, they are famous for being as the decorative lights under the chassis. With these attractive lights on your car, you will definitely gain the rate of second glance even when roaring past the road.

More than 50% of cars in the world have already been equipped with these new generation lights. The main reason why the other half still adopts the original lights is the price of LED lights. Comparing with traditional lights, the price of LED light bulbs is more than 5 times higher. Many people will turn to normal lights for the cost issue. However, thinking of the money you can save from their high energy utilization rate, LED lights can still be a lucrative investment, especially when you buy from online stores.

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