A smart phone is a device which allows making calls along with several other features like what a personal computer is able to do.  These are usually based on operating systems like Android and IOS which help to support the functioning of it in an efficient manner. You can look for affordable android phones in comparison to IOS devices which are on a expensive side.  The various points of comparison between IOS and Android are as follows:

  • Android phone has various open models and IOS offers closed models with some open components.
  • Android phone is a part of LINUX family and IOS is a member of UNIX family.
  • Android phone came into existence in 2003 and IOS was launched 2007
  • Android devices offer various customizations for their devices and IOS doesn’t offer much customizations.
  • Android phone is developed by Google and IOS is an operating system of apple.
  • Widgets are available on android but not on IOS devices
  • Android phone is available is for more than 100 plus languages whereas IOS devices in 34 languages
  • Data transfers are easy in case of androids as compared to IOS devices.
  • Internet browsing is easier in android as Google chrome is the default browser and in case of IOS safari is the default browser.
  • Apps containing virus are rare in both the cases.
  • In case of video chat Google duo is default for android and Facetime in case of IOS.
  • Voice commands are easy in case of both the devices.
  • Android launches at least 2 soft wares in a year as compared to ios devices.
  • Android support their devices with a longer battery life as compared to ios devices.
  • Backup of photos and videos is allowed in Google photos with unlimited storage whereas IOS offers only 5 gb in their I cloud.
  • Access and complete control is available in cases of android devices whereas in case of ios is not available

On the basis of affordability android phones are considered as best as compared to IOS devices as everyone cannot afford an iphone but almost everyone can afford an android device because of its availability of different vriety in different prices. Android phones are easy to purchse as compare to iPhones. The heart always says iphone but the financial conditions always say about android phones. Mostly people prefer android devices in comparison to ios devices in order of ease of use and affordability. The android phones are easy to use and operate and also they launch updates which help to run the device smoothly.

A company called maraphones has smartphones made in africa. This company offers the best of the models with the best of the prices which are made in africa. They offer the most affordable android phones. They deal in 2 models mara x and mara z. The products offer the best of the features which are all up to date including fingerprint sensors, face detections, along with the basic features which are almost same for all the smart phones under the head of google android phones. Mara z offers a battery size of 3075 mAH whereas mara x offers a battery size of 3500 mAH which is huge as per what the competitors are offering.