If you are considering buying a commercial induction cooktop, you most likely wonder what pots are suitable for an induction stove. And to help you with this, we’ve compelled this article with all the information you need about magnetic field cooking and induction cooktop pots. Let’s see what type of pots can work with a commercial induction cooktop.

First things first: What is induction cooking?

From the expert opinion of a chef, induction cooking means that the basic cooktop use magnetic field to heat the cookware, which ultimately heats it and manages to heat food.

The beauty of using induction stoves is that it uses the magnetic field to react with the cookware made from a magnetic material. And this happens because the commercial induction cooker uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to generate a magnetic field, which cause the cookware molecules to move at a high speed. And that leads to the production of heating the pot. Mainly, you can say that cookware becomes the burner. This type of cooking is recommended not only for commercial kitchens but for everyone that wants to enjoy the best of their dishes for cooking.

What pots should you use with commercial induction cooktops?

Not every type of pot can be heated on induction cookers. For a container to be usable with a commercial induction cooker, it needs to have magnetic material in its main composition to be able to interact with an induction cooktop. An induction pan is designed to wake up the cooker molecules moving at high speed and to determine them collide each otherto generate heat.

So, chefs advise that for an induction stove, it is best to opt for one of the following materials:

#1 Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel cookware can be suitable for induction cooktops if they have in their main composition a magnetic material. This is essential for the energy-generating in the stove and the pan.

#2 Cast iron

Cast iron cookware is commonly used for commercial induction cooktops, as they are both efficient and cost-effective. This material is magnetic by nature, so it reacts quite nice with induction cooking. Be advised that the weight of cast iron pots have the potential of crushing the glass or ceramic surface of the induction stove.

#3 Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel pots represent the lighter version of cast iron cookware. These carbon steel pans are perfect heat conductors and can face high temperatures. Chefs all around the world recommend carbon steel cookware as the best solution for commercial induction cooktops.

#4 Enamelled Cast Iron

Enamelled cast iron pots are also recommended for induction stoves. This material is perfect for heat distribution, while it doesn’t scratch any surface. Besides, it is quite durable, which can turn out to be an excellent investment.

What pots shouldn’t you use with induction cooktops?

Aluminum, copper, graphite or glass cookware don’t come with magnetic materials in them. This is why they don’t function on induction. Therefore, you shouldn’t use such pots, as they are not equipped to trigger the electrons in the induction stoves and create heat as required.

What commercial induction cooktop should I buy?

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One of the best manufacturers for induction stoves is Smabo. They offer a wide array of products, including tabletop induction deep fryer, double burners commercial induction cooktop, or a single burner induction cooker. All these products are made of well-selected materials and certified to CE, ISO9000, and UL. No matter what your needs are, you can find with this manufacturer anything from residential to commercial induction cooktops.

We recommend Smabo as the go-to provider for induction stoves due to their expertise in the field. Also, all their products are made from qualitative materials and superior induction technology, that will allow you to cook the best of any dish.