Football games, cookouts, and playdates are what small-town mom do for fun. Having a yard full of kids mean that you have a freezer full of popsicles and extra snacks in the kitchen because more than your biological kids call you mom. Being a mom becomes your identity and having kids becomes your life.


Baking the Cake and Making the Sides

Small town moms are expected to be able to cook. Supper with the family is a must but cookouts in the neighborhood is a common occurrence. After all, food encourages relationships. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, families who eat together have children who are more likely to be successful. Small town moms take this to heart. They want their family and friends to develop bonds that allow for more success in everything they do.

Not only do these moms cook for their family, but if there is a celebration or tragedy in the area these moms are expected to show up with a cake or a casserole and they will, every time. Cooking becomes a part of who they are, and they embrace this.


Sports, Football, and Friends

According to, there is something different about Friday night football in a small town and moms in small towns there know it. Sports are important in small towns and moms are expected to know about the sports in which their children take part in. They will spend more time in their Honda crv commuting to and from sports events than she will commute to and from their actual job. Every mom in small towns knows where their school ranks in local football. They know where the games are being held every week and going to the home games are a family event, whether their kid plays or not. If their kid does play then they are at every practice, with food for their kid and his friends. They make friends with the other football moms and They have the coach’s number on speed dial. If their kid plays a different sport, they are just as dedicated to that sport and have the bumper sticker to prove it.


Being Involved with the School

Being a mom in a small town means school events, PTA, and volunteering. Small town moms are expected to be involved in local schools. They volunteer when needed and are involved in some capacity in the PTA. They attend the after-school programs, sell the chocolate bars, and never miss a parent-teacher conference. If these moms have a problem with something at school, they will not hesitate to stop by without a meeting to discuss this issue with the teacher. Small-town schools are more inviting which allow parents to feel more comfortable in coming in whenever they need.

When one discusses what it means to be a small-town mom it sounds like a difficult job to have but small-town moms love what they do and are loved by their children, and other kids, for the dedication they show. Being this mom is not always as busy as it sounds because there are many other moms in their corners, doing these things with them. They build strong, lasting relationships with the other moms and when their children are grown they still have each other.