WhatsApp Messenger is a free application which is used for instant messaging. It allows you to send text messages, voice messages, videos messages and files. It also allows you to have free audio and video calls. WhatsApp Messenger was developed and launched in January 2009. In 2014, it was acquired by Facebook. After acquiring by Facebook, the users of WhatsApp Messenger were raised to almost 1 billion. The idea of this app was given by Jan Koum and Brian Acton. They both were former yahoo workers. WhatsApp Messenger can be downloaded on iPhone, Android devices and other smartphones. If you have an internet, then you can call anyone from your contact list without paying a single penny. The message sent by this app is end to end encrypted. It means that only the sender and recipient is able to read the message.

What Are The New Opportunities Of WhatsApp Messenger Application For Business?

WhatsApp Messenger team has launched a new separated app. The main purpose of newly launched app is business. The new version of WhatsApp Messenger will help you to do business. This app is designed to manage small businesses and is intended to simplify the complex communication of customers and companies.

The new version of whatisWhatsApp Messenger allows the business companies to make their business profiles. These profiles describe the specialization of companies and other info related to the company such as contact, address, website and their email address. It allows the entrepreneurs to compile the stats and generate the templates which can be used for quick answering of frequently asked questions. It helps the business companies to improve the feedback policy.

What Are The Features Of New Application?

Business Profile

There is a feature which allows you to make a business profile. This profile will provide your client with your basic information such email address, contact and the address of your company.

Managing Messages

Users and clients are increased if they get a good response. The new feature of WhatsApp Messenger allows you to give a quick response to your clients. You can make a standard answer which will be sent to the client on their questions. It will help you to improve the feedback and status of your company.


There is a possibility that simple indicators are used by users to analyze, e.g. the number of messages which are read. This feature will help you to check the method which is working best to attract the audience.

Account Type

It will help the people to know that they are connecting with the business companies. Some companies will automatically have verified business account with the passage of time by verifying the contact of number of business account and the company.

How Much Is WhatsApp Worth?

You will be shocked after knowing the net worth of WhatsApp Messenger, in 2013 investors calculated the worth of WhatsApp Messenger and valued it at about 1.5 billion dollars. After just a year, the largest social media site Facebook bought WhatsApp Messenger by paying 19 billion dollars. At that time, investors thought that Facebook has wasted too much money by investing on WhatsApp Messenger because at that time WhatsApp Messenger was not making much profit. Mark Zuckerberg hadn’t paid all the money by cash. He paid 4 billion dollars by cash and 14 billion dollar in stock. Now everyone can see that the decision of Mark Zuckerberg was best. He is earning a lot of money by this deal as he raised the users of WhatsApp Messenger by millions.