Waves is an open source blockchain platform. This platform is similar to bitcoin blockchain. The goal of this blockchain is to provide a solution of crowdfunding and an exchange for digital assets.

Wave s is the most popular due to it’s awesome function of launching crypto token. Anyone on the platform can create launch his own cryptocurrency token, trade that token and also distribute it. No coding required and it only cost 1 Waves to launch own cryptocurrency token.

Waves become popular in 2016 when it achieved the 7th most successful crowdfunding campaign to date. Waves raised 30,000 Bitcoin in its crowdfunding campaign.

Waves company is based in Moscow. Waves is decentralized platform.

Waves Token

Everyone can make their own digital token on Waves, then they can easily trade those token for fiat curriences or cryptocurrencies. Waves platform can be used to make own digital token in less than a minute.

The Waves Platform relies on fiat gateways run by compliant operators. These operators are organizations (like payment providers) that allow users to easily convert fiat currencies into digital tokens.

These tokens are not like litecoin or bitcoin. These are just digital version of the fiat curriences like USD into wUSD and EUR into wEUR. These fiat tokens can be transferred on blockchain.

Now I know you are thinking why would I do that. It’s because that these tokens can be transferred more quickly then traditional bank transfer and have low transfer fee.

All other cryptocurrencies can also be tokenized on Waves Platform like Litecoin in wLTC.

All these features can be accessed by Waves Lite Client . This Waves Lite client is available on Android, IOS. To use this Waves Lite Client on internet you can simply install it’s chrome extension in your google chrome browser.

Waves Mining

Mining Waves from waves mining pool is easy. Waves use Proof to Stake method to give rewards of waves while mining. In this method we lease our waves on some online node or we create own node and then get reward. Making own node is a difficult process so attaching your coins with someone node is a good idea. Waves world is providing a good node service and giving reward on every Monday to those who attached them with Waves world node.

You can earn upto 5% of interest on your waves balance per year with this proof of stake mining method. Suppose you have 10000 waves and you attach them with Waves world node then after one year you will have roundabout 10500-10700 waves in your wallet. You don’t need any type of special hardware to do this. You just need to lease your waves coin to Wavesworld.io node which they have provided on their official website into your Waves lite client chrome extension and lease the amount you have with them. The best thing about this leasing method is all the Waves coin will stay in your account even after leasing only you will start getting reward weekly on them.

About Waves

Waves is led by founder and CEO Sasha Ivanov, a Moscow-based physicist by education who previously worked in internet payment systems software development and neural network prediction software for financial markets. Prior to starting Waves, Sasha launched the first instant cryptocurrency exchange at Coinomat.com, the first fiat blockchain token (coinoUSD), and the first tradeable cryptocurrency index (CoinoIndex.com).