Flowers have become nitty-gritty of our lives. Without it, we can’t think to do for any event or occasion. Especially, its use to express condolence just can’t replace with any other thing.

Losing a loved one is such a heartbreaking aspect of our lives. At that time, it is our responsibility to show sympathy and care to the family of deceased. And it becomes onerous to do so with the help of words. Consequently, flowers being a great savior work wonders to fulfill the purpose adequately. It has been like our second language. But, do you know what exactly it signifies? Yes, every blossom has its meaning and can be used accordingly.

Curious to know which flower symbolizes which particular meaning? Explore this article, and you would get to learn about the same.

We often strive to buy a bouquet of flowers for the funeral and ask for adding more blooms to it. It is the incorrect way for ordering it. Rather, determining the reason and understanding symbolism of the flowers would assist you extensively to choose its right kind. Therefore, it is advisable to acquire knowledge for the symbolic meanings and its usage before buying them for expressing sympathy.


They are broadly named as ‘Mums.’ It is prominently used as the traditional bloom for the funeral services. The people in few European countries like Italy, France, Poland, Hungary and Croatia consider mums as a symbol of death and are used to show sympathy. Whereas, in China, Japan and Korea think white Chrysanthemums as the symbols of lamentation and grief. And other symbolism meanings of it varies from one country to another. So, it is highly recommended to consider them for the particular city and only after that proceed using it


They are prominent for its long lasting fragrance. It is the main reason why it is preferred to use for funeral services, remaining fresh for a protracted period. Moreover, it is the most popular choice of bloom for making arrangements for sympathy. Their symbolism differs among various hues.

Red colored carnation prompt admiration, white for innocence and eternal love while pink ones stand for remembrance.


Lilies are highly preferred while considering flowers for a funeral. Especially, white ones symbolize innocence and sorrow for the separation from bereaved. Moreover, white stargazer lilies evoke sympathy. They are arranged in a bouquet and other various arrangements for the funeral. Some people also prefer to give away peace lily plant for expressing that the soul of the deceased person has reborn. It just adds the touch of the consolation to the family of departed.


It is the beauty which is loved by most of the people almost for all the purposes. The symbolic meaning of all the roses varies from one color to another. Among which Crimson evokes sympathy and grievance. Whereas red conveys respect, pink- love, white- humility and innocence and yellow- friendship. All these roses are used for the funeral based on their relationship and feelings for the deceased.

Though selecting funeral flowers require extra heedfulness, it can be done accessible by considering these symbolic meanings of the major funeral flowers. When you acquire a clear idea of it, there won’t be any chance for you to face it as the daunting task. You would be able to do so without any hassle. But, see to it that you go for the right florist as he would be the person who’ll get you the bunch of flowers. For better references, you can explore Flowers And Sympathy, which is specialized for providing blossoms for showing condolence.