As part of the horticulture, the practice of cultivating and also growing plants is known as gardening. This is a practice which ranges in different scales from different types of trees or shrubs or even herbaceous plants to extensive boulevard plantings, orchards of fruits, to back gardens in the residential places. It also includes foundation plantings, container gardens and also lawns which are grown either inside or outside.

Gardening is a very specialized process which is executed with the help of garden supplies. This specialized work grows either a single type of plant or a variety of plants. People consider this to be an activity that gives them relaxation. It also involves an active participant who keeps growing a lot of plants. The work is considered to be a labour-intensive job which differentiates it from farming and forestry.

Ornamental plants that are grown in the garden are grown for their overall appearance of the different plants, foliage, different flowers, fruits such as leafy vegetables, herbs, and root vegetables. These are grown for personal consumption and can also be used for medical purposes, dyes and also as a cosmetic product.

Gardens can be in two specific places, one in the residential places and the other in the non-residential areas.

The residential gardens are built at homes. The area around the home is the space where gardening is possible but nowadays, gardens can also be made on roofs, window box, on a balcony or on a patio and also in a vivarium. The people who look after the garden and maintain it in these places are the residents themselves. Non-residential areas may include parks, semi-public gardens like the zoological and botanical gardens, garden hotels, public areas, amusement parks, tourist attractions, transportation corridors etc. For gardening in these areas, a staff or a groundkeeper is to be employed or allotted to take care and maintain the gardens.

Whether it is for residential areas or for the non-residential areas, proper garden supplies are needed. There are wide varieties of good quality products that are used for gardening. Deciding for the purpose the garden supplies are purchased. For growing some healthy and beautiful looking vegetables, fruits and flowers.

A list of good garden supplies are mentioned below

  1. Good soil: Soil is not just a part of the ecosystem that supplies strength and nutrients to the plants but also improves the quality of the veggies that are grown. It is very important to test the quality of the soil before growing anything on it. These days people use soil conditioner. However, If the soil is of bad quality, then the items grown on it will be stale or bad quality. This is one of the most important garden supplies for gardening.
  2. Garden Rake: A rake is a very useful equipment that is used to clear leaves, cover the newly planted seeds and also to level the soil. This is quite important during the time of gardening.
  3. Garden Trowel: A trowel is the equipment used as garden supplies and is used to complete small and minute tasks during gardening. For the better handling of the garden, a Trowel can be one of the best options. A Trowel is well built with a steel blade.
  4. Garden Hoe: The Hoe is available in various shapes and sizes. To remove weeds from the soil this instrument is used. Hoes are used as per their specific requirement.
  5. Garden Gloves: It is very essential to invest in good quality cotton gloves which are light in weight and easy to use.

The garden supplies are very useful for giving a garden a beautiful and aesthetic look.