Although social media is filled with vibrant advertisements for weight loss or detox teas, the best tea for weight loss is much more common than you think. The tea-blends that many companies produce are not as effective for helping you lose weight as they are for forcing your body to lose water and only appear slimmer.

Instead of choosing one of these over-priced teas, you should focus on drinking more:

  • Green Tea

  • Yerba Mate Tea

  • Matcha Tea

  • Oolong Tea

Each of these four types of tea could be considered the best tea for weight loss, and they all have unique properties that can help you lose weight.

If you want to learn how to lose weight fast by drinking tea, keep reading below!

Green Tea

Most people know that green tea is an incredibly healthy drink, but not everyone truly understands the beneficial effects of green tea for weight loss.

According to one study produced in the International Journal of Obesity on the effects of green tea for weight loss, the catechins or epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and caffeine mixture contained in green tea has a positive effect on both weight loss and weight management.

Unlike the other good weight loss teas, green tea doesn’t contain much caffeine. Instead, the weight loss properties come from the catechins more than anywhere else. Green tea only contains about 35mg of caffeine per cup, which is much easier to handle for many people.

Yerba Mate Tea

According to a study produced in Obesity- A Research Journal, research shows that yerba mate extract has potent anti-obesity activity “in vivo”. Additionally, the study observed that the treatment had an effect on the expression of different genes related to obesity.

Yerba mate contains about 85mg of caffeine per cup, which is comparable to a cup of coffee. If you have trouble with caffeine, yerba mate tea might not be your best option.

Matcha Tea

Similar to green tea, matcha tea is another low-caffeine weight loss tea. However, matcha tea contains nearly the highest number of antioxidants of all the weight loss teas due to how it is processed.

Matcha tea contains 7-10 times the number of antioxidants as green tea!

Matcha tea contains only about 25mg of caffeine per cup, so most people can drink a few cups of matcha per day without feeling jittery!

Oolong Tea

Overall, oolong tea is probably the least well-known weight loss tea. However, it might be the best! A study in Japan evaluated the effect of oolong tea on energy expenditure (EE), compared to green

tea. According to the study, the increases of energy expenditure for 120 min were increased by 10% (oolong tea) and 4% (green tea) after drinking the respective teas.

Oolong tea contains slightly more caffeine, at about 50mg per cup. However, the weight loss benefits are not directly related to the amount of caffeine alone. Similar to green tea, oolong tea also contains additional properties which help you lose weight easier.

Concluding Thoughts – Best Weight Loss Teas

Fortunately, you can purchase incredible weight loss tea from nearly any health store or tea shop around you. Social media might want you to believe that expensive tea blends are the best option for helping you lose weight, but these four traditional teas are more effective than they could ever be!

The main concern you should have when choosing which weight loss tea is best for you is the caffeine content.

If you are naturally sensitive to stimulants, I suggest staying away from yerba mate, and potentially oolong tea as well.

If you can handle caffeine easily, feel free to choose any or all of these!