Antique Heritage: Jewellery & Accessories

To wear jewellery is inherited by women since ages and has always been of cardinal significance among women since ancient times. From stones to shells and shells to bones, every long-standing substance and material has been used as accessories and jewellery in different cultures.

Jewellery along with accessories add personal adornment to one’s personality and outfit when combined with the proper contrast and matching to overall dressing. Accessories have become an influential part of dressing to create an overall ensemble.

Jewellery can be the precious gift that a husband can present to his wife. Like accessory, jewellery also comes in different sizes and styles refined from several but certain materials. Each material has its own worth and value depending upon its demand and availability. Diamond and gold are much expensive than silver that is within reach of almost everyone.

Bracelets Make Hands Attractive

Bracelets are an advanced type of traditional bangles and are in huge demand for their vast range depending upon colour tone and styles with different add-ons. From delicate handmade to machinery refined bracelets are available in the market.

From Sapphire to Ruby and Amazonite, each gemstone ring has its own majestically twinkle   Gem stoned rings are still liked in classic styles with a single but considerable sized gemstone.

Shoes Catch Eyes First

Shoes catch eyes first as a proverb says: keep your head, heels and standards high. From classic flat pairs to fancy heels, women like to put on a different type of footwear on certain occasions. On a party, high heels are always recommended, while on semi-formal events flat or small heels are preferred.

Sneakers are given favour on casual meetings and pumps add edge to ladies’ party portfolio. Women give much importance attention in buying footwear as it reflects your choice and personality because shoes are the very first thing that is unintentionally noticed by everyone around.

Makeup is an Art, Beauty is Spirit

Makeup is a personal arsenal for ladies, capable of covering beauty flaws and enhancing their prettier features. It’s like expressing our inner feelings while being confident. The Base, one of the makeup ingredients, preps your skin for applying other cosmetic products.

Foundation makes face flawless and fills pimple marks. Mascara, eyebrow liner and eye shadow give you an appealing look while lip liner enhances your lips. Like other fashion trends, makeup trends do also change but it is advised to stay away from hazardous chemical cosmetics.

Fashion Trends Now a Days

With the advancement in fashion, accessories have become an essential fragment of attractive but enchanting personality. Dainty layered pieces are famed among women of every age, even in this modern era. Earrings with sculpture-like engraving are inspired by fine arts and are famously emerged as a leading trend in women’s accessory.

Fancy bags, chick sunglasses and stylish pouches are in trends among women to give you a perfect look. The desire to look unique, every day, has brought scarves in fashion line as it can be wrapped in several styles to give ladies an elegant look. Heavy woollen scarves are in great demand in Europe during the winter season.

Accessories and jewellery are worn to comply with each other in several styles as per fashion trends. Some of the ongoing combinations are as follows:

A bold-cross bag hanging down shoulder with pure leather pairs on feet give an eclectic and maverick look. Jewellery, like cherry-on-top, enriches the overall outfit. An evening clutch and a pair of pumps are very much liked by ladies, especially on a date. Clunky sneakers and handmade gloves are highly appreciated to uplift ladies’ looks.

Last but not least fashion trends are like a revolving door and what comes in, definitely comes out. Things having antique and vintage look remain in fashion circle for long times, while seasonal trends last only for that particular season and change abruptly. To put it all in a nutshell, it is emphasized that fashion trends are the perceptions that others take about your outfit.

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