Living in New York City is described by many as a place of buzzing financial markets, busy lifestyles and wealth of nationalities and ethnicities. Lots of people who are renting in New York are struggling actors who would much rather sacrifice space for location and often live in shared houses. One of these homes that is popular amongst New Yorkers is the Bushwick house which boasts a total of 17 rooms and 3 bathrooms. Homes like this are not uncommon in NYC, as you will find a whole range of similar accommodation to suit your budget. This lifestyle has become the order of the day for anyone who is living in NYC.

So, what is it really like, living in NYC?

Many people believe that it is the city that never sleeps and that you can do anything and any time. The city has innumerable activities at your disposal. You will discover that people are ever on the move whether at night or during the day. The city apparently has the best food, art, and theatre, thus affording one the great opportunity of experiencing these. It is one of the best experiences that you can have in life.

  • Neighborhoods in NYC are all different and you may feel like you have travelled to a different world altogether, in a matter of minutes. You will find very amazing surroundings that will amaze you all day long.
  • The people, fashion and personalities are presumably very unique and fresh. You can shop, though expensive, but countless styles and designs and you will surely find amazing deals. You will virtually not miss out on anything when shopping in NYC. The most important thing is to have some dollars in your pocket.
  • New Yorkers have so much energy and seem to always be on a high. They just so busy and always moving forward.
  • NYC has seen many great musicians and it’s now a fact that every band/musician/ singer will at some point, visit New York. Therefore, you will keep entertained as you visit this great city.
  • You have the opportunity of taking crazy classes like Olympic trampoline and aerial yoga. There is always some sport going on and you can choose from a myriad of teams.
  • NYC has a comedy scene where you can expect random comedians to show up and entertain you.
  • You will have the opportunity of meeting people from around the world as NYC is full of different races, nationalities, and ethnicities.
  • There is something new being filmed every day at some place in NYC.
  • Cosy, affordable yet luxurious accommodation is available in the prime locations in NYC. bush wick house is one of the many that you will find in a popular area, offering affordable co-living spaces so you can enjoy your stay in NY.
  • One-dollar pizza is an actual thing in NYC and it has become a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.
  • NY has the perfect balance of big city life and quieter tranquil neighborhoods.
  • Various kinds of food are available almost everywhere and hence you will not fail to get your favorite dishes.
  • NY may just be the best place for singles, who can go out on the town and enjoy themselves without being looked down upon.
  • New Yorkers are apparently very welcoming and accepting of others
  • There are so many profits to living in NY and experiencing the culture thereof. Next time you go to New York, check out the Bushwalk house, which is strategically located in one of the “lively” areas of NY.