Have you ever considered becoming a pharmacist of a pharmacy technician? If you have never heard of either of these careers its time you did. These are great career options for people interested in the health and medical fields and enjoy helping others. If you think you might want to become a pharmacy technician here are some things you need to know in order to get started.

Getting Certified

To become a pharmacy technician, you need to be certified first. Those who want to be pharmacy technicians must have at least 1-2 years of general pharmacy training, particularly for high profile positions. They need to possess good communication skills because many patient interactions are involved in this job.

Pharmacy Technicians are responsible for the safety of all the patients in the pharmacy. They also give patients information on their medications and treatments. They must also have advanced computer skills because much patient dealing is involved. They must also have basic analytical skills because a lot of patient data is involved in their job.

Exams to Pass

To become pharmacy technicians, you have to pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination, otherwise known as PTCE, in order to become certified. If you are not certified yet, it is important that you practice on some pharmacy equipment so you will be familiar with what to do when faced with a patient or a situation. It is not good to make a mistake during your first day of work and lose your job. The certification is a requirement to take the PTCE examination. 

Schools that Offer Training

There are a number of schools that offer PTCE training. These schools will give you a certificate and your first job as a pharmacy technician is a PTCE technician job. There are other schools that offer a degree so that you can work toward becoming a pharmacist.

Some of the colleges offering PTCE technician training programs are Kaplan University, International Institute of Business Administration, Strayer College, and California State University at Fullerton. If you plan to get a certificate, you may want to consider going to a school that offers online courses because these courses are easier to complete.

There are also some institutions that offer both PTCE certification and pharmacy technician training at the same time. This means you can finish one program and get the certification and then start the second course and complete the other to get your job as a pharmacy technician. Although these schools are not accredited, you will usually have to pay for their courses and the PTCE exam.

Online Options

The internet has revolutionized many facets of our lives; especially those that involve the education of pharmacists. With the advent of online pharmacy courses, there are more opportunities available to pharmacists and those wishing to obtain their license to prescribe medications.

As time passed by, technology has brought more advancements in the world of the internet. There is now a vast array of web-based courses offered by some of the most reputable universities across the world. These courses can help pharmacists gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become competent in the field of medicine. There are also online cme courses you can take in order to get your pharmacy degree.

Some of the best online pharmacy courses include the Master’s in Science in Medical Technology program. This program allows students to complete all of the courses that they need to earn an online degree without having to travel or spend money on housing and other expenses. A student will also be able to complete this course at his or her own pace. In addition, this course will teach students how to become computer literate and what the requirements are to pass a pharmacy exam.

Masters Programs

The Master’s in Science in Pharmacy Programs offered by many colleges and universities are designed to prepare students for the licensing examination that is administered by the National Board of Pharmacy Examiners. Students who participate in this program must have a high school diploma or GED. Many of these programs also offer continuing education opportunities for students.

If you have just completed your education and are looking for a way to obtain your pharmacy technician license, there are also online courses available to you. This program is designed to give students the ability to work at a pharmacy after completing their education. There is even a national certification exam that can be taken in order to prove you are able to do the job properly.

Hopefully, these tips will help to prepare you to start your career in Pharmacology or help you decide to make the switch to a more fulfilling career.