A subject of discussion which has become very common these days is the Mercury Retrograde. Several people talk about this event, discuss how to cope with it and keep hoping that it passes soon. But, what is a Mercury Retrograde? To properly grasp the concept of a Mercury Retrograde, one has to have an understanding of astrology and its workings. In astrology, it is believed that planetary motions and their interactions with celestial beings can affect one’s life and personal behavior. As such, astrological studies attempt to map out the paths of the celestial bodies with the use of charts to predict how the movement of planets will affect a person.

A Mercury Retrograde is uneven when the planet Mercury, seemingly, moves backwards. Of course, the planet does not actually move backwards, we only feel like it did. As we all know, Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun and, thus, it has the shortest orbit amongst the other planets. Once every three or four years, Mercury speeds past the Earth and we experience a retrograde. This is because right after it speeds past us, we again move past Mercury, due to its short orbit. Thus, Mercury gives the impression of moving backwards.

What is Mercury Retrograde

Impacts Upon Our Lives

Mercury rules over all forms of communication, clear thinking, travel and truth. So when there is a retrograde, all of these areas are affected. Writing, speaking, research, editing, buying, selling, debating, travelling, and many such activities are severely affected. This happens because, when a planet retrogrades, it essentially goes into a position of rest. So, the activities under Mercury’s supervision are not being controlled by any plant and they run amok. It is wise, at such times to consult a good astrologer such as Rajat Nayar, an astrologer in Jalandhar.

Does it Affect Everyone?

Yes, it does. The interactions of celestial bodies usually do not affect everyone in the same manner, but that is not the case when it comes to a Mercury Retrograde. The effect it has on people is the same, no matter which horoscope they belong to or when they were born. There is a theory that people who are born during a Mercury Retrograde are immune to its effects, but many astrologers disagree with that. Although the Mercury Retrograde is considered to be a good time to have a child (they tend to be philosophical, creative and peaceful), but that does not make them immune to its effects.

What Should Be Done?

Most importantly, one should not undertake travelling during this period. As a Mercury Retrograde causes problems for travellers, one should not plan treks, excursions, cruises, holidays, or any other form of long distance travelling. Writing important documents should also be avoided. The retrograde affects communication, of which writing is a part. Things of great importance such as wills, research papers, business propositions, etc. should not be written during this period as they may cause troubles later. In such cases, it is always better to consult experts such as Rajat Nayar, an astrologer in Jalandhar.