For men who are having problems in producing children due to fertility issues, every solution is worth considering. Not only is a fertility problem an attack on your ability to have children, it’s a kick to the ego.

Many men, though incorrect, will see it as a symbol of making them ‘lesser men’ in some capacity. While you should try and avoid looking at life through such a nihilistic prism, we know how you can feel.

Thankfully, you’ll be pleased to know that some foods should be well and truly avoided if you want to help improve the quality of your fertility. While this is by no means going to work for every single man, cutting out some of the following food groups will do a lot to help you overcome the problem that you face: being unable to produce children.

So, with that in mind you should try and do all that you can to look a bit closer at the kind of food groups that you need to avoid.

If you do this, then you are much more likely to come out the other side with a better chance of being able to eventually reproduce children.

Food Groups to Avoid for Better Male Fertility

Soft Drinks. The first thing to cut out, though technically not a food, is soda and soft drinks. While we all love those carbonated cups of sugar, they are terrible for you.

Studies show that they might have a negative impact on sperm count, too, which is going to make it harder for you to get the kind of sperm motility that you would have been looking for. Definitely one to cut out.

Processed Meats. Sorry, but a lot of those processed meats need to go as well. We know that you love them, but studies show that they not only wildly help to contribute to weight gain, but they are commonly associated with men who have low sperm counts.

Large quantities of processed meat will, directly or otherwise, play a leading role in making your sperm count lower. If you want to avoid that, then you should cut down on the processed meat that you eat.

Dairy Goods. Sadly, you also need to give up all of that dairy goodness that you so often enjoy, cheese, milk and various other forms of dairy product are known to have a negative impact on your sperm count in some cases. While they are good for our bodies for protein and their essential nutrition, you should try and avoid cheese, full fat milk and any full dairy product if you want to combat any fertility issues you have.

While it can be hard to deal with and accept, fertility issues can be caused by simply the way that you eat. It’s not nice to hear and will likely leave you wondering about the kind of lifestyle changes you need to meet. However, simply start with cutting out most of the above to start off with!


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