Indian foods are known for their vegetarian leanings thus they are termed as healthy foods to eat. The Indian cuisine has presented some of the top food items consumed by world people and they would include Gujarati, South Indian, and North Indian and Punjabi dishes. Indian foods are colorful to look and headily aromatic as they are sprinkled with exotic herbs and spices and prepared in medium that are naturally pressed oils, good for health. The best Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore will serve you a multitude of Indian cuisine preparations that are delicious for taste buds and easier for the stomach.

What can you expect from the Indian vegetarian restaurant?

The restaurant will serve you with a whole range of ethnic foods and snacks that are regional and cooked with ingredients that are from original Indian cooking manual. You will find no artificial ingredients or preservatives at any point of preparation or time with the vegetarian food menu. The restaurant obtains its raw materials from authentic sources that are purely organic. Here are some food items that you could savor at the best Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore.

Guajarati Food Items

Gujarati dishes are savored by the whole of India and abroad and they would include Pav Bhaji, Khandvi, Khaman Dhokla, Thelpa, Undhiyu, Fafda, Muthiya and Khicho. These are traditional dishes that are churned out from natural ingredients and include no artificial food flavors or enhancers. The entire taste is a culmination of sweet, sour and spice. A heady cocktail and a feast for foreign taste buds

Punjabi Food items

The Punjabi food menu holds Chole Bhatura as primary snack items and its heady and fiery taste has attracted one and all from all over the world. Punjabi foods also include the traditional Makki Da Roti (Corn bread) and Sarsong Da Saag, Paneer based side dishes, Tandoori Rotis and Butter Naans, homemade butter, and Lassi. These are high nutrient food items that could boost your health and energy immensely.  The best Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore routinely serves these food items.

North Indian Food Items

North Indian food items hold their own fort and they will comprise of food items such as Paneer based side dishes such as Shahi Paneer, Palak Paneer, Kadahi Paneer, Mutter Paneer, Paneer Methi Wala, Paneer Butter Masala and more. Indian food recipes are specialized in making different types of Paneer based side dishes that are dear to the entire Indian population and also for people who are smitten by Indian foods and flavors. A huge variety of Daals including daal butter fry, Daal Palak, Daal Makhani, Tadka Daal are prepared and served and the frying medium is made from pure butter that is organically obtained.

In all food items a number of Parathas made from wheat flour and cooked with clarified butter are regular offerings of the Indian vegetarian restaurant. the restaurant will serve you a mouth watering variety of stuffed Parathas integrating ingredients like Potato, Cauliflower, Radish, Paneer, Capsicum, Methi are served with heavenly aroma and taste. All these food items are prepared under highly hygienic conditions using the latest configured kitchens combing the classic cooking models. If you are in Singapore living permanently or have just arrived on a business tour you should not miss the Indian Vegetarian food restaurant or you will miss something that is sent from heaven specially made for your palette.