Is your dad perpetually lost in the garage? Are you more likely to find your husband tinkering underneath the kitchen sink then it in front of the TV? Or maybe your daughter spends hours every weekend fixing her beat-up “classic” car? What does every handyman (or handywoman) want this year on Black Friday? With over 2022 power tools, toolkits, and gear available online, how can you find the perfect gift?


Don’t just buy grandpa any old tool on sale. Find the right Christmas presents for dad or your handy team with this fantastic Christmas gift guide. Your handyman has saved the day time and time again. He’s the one you call when something goes wrong. Car problems, a clogged toilet, or one of those annoying bookshelves that have 1000 pieces, it doesn’t matter. You can count on them.

Don’t they deserve the best for being so incredible? Buy them what they want. Show your handyman your appreciation.


Tools of all kinds are at the top of our list. The Wilton BASH Ball Pein Hammer has an outstanding rubberized grip and no-slip head making it one of the top trending Christmas gifts this year. For the ultimate demolition tool, the Stanley FUBAR Demolition Bar will cut, dig, pry, and lever like no other. Craftsman continues to be the king of tools. The Mach Series Adjustable Wrench has durability and speed like no other. Finally, Bosch Laser Distance Measurer takes the guessing out of measuring. Simple to use and incredibly exact, your handyman will use this tool again and again.

Some of our other favourite tools include the Line Welder System, the Root Slayer Carbon Steel Shovel, the Pro-Tech deluxe tool kit, and the Bionic Wrench adjustable wrench by Loggerhead tools. Find the right gift for your loved one. Get them what they will use. Bring them a big smile on Christmas morning.


When your handyman is working hard, a little bit of luxury is nice. Keep him cold with the Milwaukee M18 Cordless Jobsite Fan. Fixing things is hot and sweaty work. This handy fan is portable and easy to use. Give the gift of absolute comfort.


Does your teen enjoy jamming out to her favourite tunes while working? Music helps keep her on task and focused. What Christmas gift is perfect for the hardworking handy teen? The Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless In-ear Earphones are perfect. Designed by audio professionals, these earphones are ideal for your hard working teen. They can rock while they work.

The adjustable ear hooks fit easily. They have a reinforced design ideal for exposure to moisture, water, and sweat. With over nine hours of listening time, your home carpenter or mechanic can enjoy their favourite music on the job.

Find the perfect gift this Christmas for the handyman in your life with this helpful tool guide. Merry Christmas!