Living in an apartment or complex of residences often lacks privacy but also creates a safer environment. The number of people living in a given area with varying schedules means thieves never know who is home or who may be watching. Moving to your own home brings with it a number of new security threats. Here are four areas of your home you may now need to think about securing or investing in some type of security for.



Windows make you vulnerable to all kinds of threats, from peeping toms to stalkers to people able to see what type of security you have and possibly even watch you punch in a security code on your home security system. Walk around the perimeter of your home and look in all the windows. What you are able to see is what thieves and ne’er-do-wells are also able to see. Make appropriate plans to cover what you don’t want others to see.


The Yard

Yards can also make you vulnerable to intruders, because the very privacy it gives you also give intruders cover to break in away from prying eyes. Consider investing in motion sensors for outdoor lights and possibly even cameras with motion sensors. If you live in an area with frequent nocturnal visitors of the furry kind, you may have to adjust your security protocols, but it’s definitely an area you’ll want to pay attention to. You may also consider planting prickly bushes by your windows on the ground floor to discourage burglars from attempting to open them.


Garage Doors

Attached garages can be a significantly vulnerable area, so it is important to pay close attention to ensure they are secure. Many garage doors operate on a sensor, so if the sensor is tripped they will not close all the way. Keep this sensor clear, so you don’t drive off and leave your garage door wide open behind you. An open garage door is an open invitation into your home. Garage door openers can also be easily stolen or hacked, so you might want to invest in a key chain opener instead of leaving one in your car. Contact a door company like J & D Door Sales Inc. if you have concerns about your door’s security.


Front door

Not all thieves break in in the middle of the night; some waltz right in the front door and are often let in by unsuspecting homeowners. Camera doorbells are a safe way to ensure that you know who is standing on the other side of your door before you open it. Better yet, most camera doorbells will connect with your smart phone so you can see who is at the door even if you aren’t home.


People often move out of apartments and into homes for the privacy that homes afford that apartments do not. But that same privacy that gives you so much freedom can also work against you if you are not careful. Make sure you can enjoy your new home, knowing you are safe and securely protected in it, by taking some steps to ensure its security.