In spite of its many benefits, some people still cannot help but doubt the efficacy of vibration plates. If you have heard of vibration plates before, but you are not sure whether it really works or not, then you have come to the right place.

Vibration plates can be used to maintain your fitness. On this post, we are going to adequately answer the question – what does plates do for body.

What’s a Vibration Plate?

It is very likely that you have heard about vibration plates even though you may not have used it. They can also be called power plates.

These vibration plates are designed to allow high-speed vibrations run through your body muscles. The best Vibration plates help to stimulate the muscles in your body at a higher rate. The effect of the stimulation is to enable your muscles contract and relax for about 30 to 50 times in one second.

The first type of vibration plates was practically the idea of the Russians. They used in space to help them gain more balance whenever they were in such weightless environments. But today, you can access vibration plates at gyms or get one for yourself, which you can be using at home.

Benefits of Vibration Plates

There are loads of benefits you stand to gain when you use vibration plates to keep fit. Some people who have used vibration plates have ended up being disappointed because they thought it worked like waving a magic wand.

When it comes to toning up and losing weight, one has to be patient regardless of whatever they are using. But whatever the case, investing in vibration plates is worth all the effort. Highlighted below are some of the mouth-watering benefits of using these plates.

What Does Plates Do for Body

  • Saves Time

It is normal for people to skip their exercise routines just because they claim not to have the time to do so. If you are one of such people, you can start smiling because vibration plates help to reduce your workout time by a huge percentage.

It will cause your body muscles to relax and contract much more than they would have done naturally. A normal 60mins workout can be reduced to just 15mins.

However, you should also note that when using vibration plates, you will need to increase your effort to stay balanced. You need more effort to maintain your position. The positive side is that you will achieve your workout goals faster.

  • Low Impact Exercises

Vibration plate machine accounts for low impact exercises. Their low impact nature is what makes them suitable for people of different abilities and age groups. But because of the difference in opinions regarding age, it is not advisable that you use it if you are not up to 18years.

These low impact exercise routines are perfect for the knees, joints, ankles or hips because they are not stressed with unnecessary weights. This feature is what makes vibration plates ideal for seniors and people who are not fit. They can easily get back into shape without the need for heavy lifting. It means they can build their strength and stamina slowly without the fear of getting injured.

  • For Actualizing Weight Loss

If there is one popular benefit of whole body vibration machine, it should be the fact that it helps with weight loss. Spending as short as 10mins every day on a vibration plate will enable you meet your weight loss objectives.

Vibration plates help to speed up your rate of metabolism by increasing the intensity of your usual workouts. That will enable you burn unwanted body fats faster.

When you use vibration plates, it causes your muscle fibers to be strengthened, thereby increasing the amount of energy needed for the workout. That way, you burn up fats that were stored in your body.


What does plates do for body? Somehow, this article has been able explain a couple of advantages of using vibration plates. The bottom line here is that this training equipment helps in strengthening your bones and building up your stamina in the most convenient manner. It is convenient because you won’t have to deal with any heavy lifting.