Knowing your baby’s star sign gives you a sneak insight into their developing personality and also helps you tailor your care for them. If you haven’t had your baby yet, use your baby’s due date as a good indicator of what their star sign will be and read on to find out more about your impending bundle of joy!

Aries – March 21st to April 20th

Aries babies have boundless energy and always want to be ‘on the go’. They are typically passionate, willful, and independent. Make sure you keep your Aries baby busy by providing lots of stimulation throughout the day. Aries babies thrive on routine so get a routine established early on. This will help your energetic baby wind down at the end of the day and settle into good sleeping habits.

Taurus – April 21st to May 21st

Baby grows up as per its star signBabies born under the sign of the bull are very sensual, so encourage this by giving your baby different textures to feel, take her to baby sensory classes, and expose your baby to different types of music and sounds. Give her a rattle or drum, anything that she can make a sound with! Taurean babies are very loving and affectionate, and enjoy lots of physical contact with people they love.

Gemini – 22nd May to June 21st

Babies born under the sign of twins are very sociable, and love communication. Make sure you talk to your baby throughout the day, your Gemini baby will thrive on hearing you talk and will soon respond, albeit in his/her’s own baby language! Gemini babies get bored easily, so rotate your baby’s toys frequently, take them out as often as you can, and keep baby entertained with games such as peekaboo.

Cancer – June 22nd to July 23rd

Cancerian babies are emotional and expressive, and love to feel secure, so having a strict routine will help, as she’ll know what to expect. Cancerian babies love to feel loved and in turn are affectionate back, so give your baby dolls and teddies to play with and cuddle. Be patient if she goes through clingy stages, she will outgrow this in time and become more confident. Cancerian babies love the water so plan lots of trips to the swimming pool!

Leo – July 24th to August 23rd

Babies born under the sign of the lion love to be the center of attention! They enjoy being praised, and having their efforts recognized by others. Leo babies are prone to temper tantrums, so try and predict when a tantrum will happen and stop it in its track. Leo babies prefer to have you all to themselves, so when you can, give your baby your undivided attention. They will eventually learn to be contented in their own company.

Virgo – Aug 24th to Sept 23rd

Virgo babies like their own company, so don’t feel you need to be interacting with your baby every second of the day. They have an eye for detail, which makes them excellent analytical thinkers. They enjoy learning, so give your baby problem solving toys and puzzles. Virgo babies want to please people and can be insecure, so shower your baby with praise and help her self-confidence grow.

Libra – Sept 24th to Oct 23rd

Libran babies are very happy little souls, smiling lots and crying less than babies born under other signs. They are sociable and enjoy the company of others so take them to mother and baby groups when you can. They dislike confrontation and usually back down, so help your Libran stand up for himself in social situations. Libran babies like to please others, so be generous with praise and show him/her how proud you are of them.

Scorpio – Oct 24th to Nov 22nd

Scorpio babies are very determined and know their own minds. They will object strongly being pushed into doing something they don’t want to do. They are wary of new people and reserved around them. Help your baby overcome this by reassuring him and staying close to him when new people are around. Once they are settled they’ll feel contented and make strong friendships with other children.

Sagittarius – Nov 23rd to Dec 21st

Babies born under the sign of the centaur are very outgoing, with lots of energy. They can be hard to settle to sleep as they don’t want to miss out of anything, so establish clear rules for when it’s time to go to bed. They are happiest when they are learning and discovering new things, so give your baby plenty of stimulation in the form of puzzles and hide and seek games.

Capricorn – Dec 22nd to Jan 20th

Capricorn babies are ambitious, intelligent and hard working, which means if you give her a problem solving toy she’ll work at it until she solves it! Capricorn babies are typically well behaved, and can be content for much longer than other babies to sit on their highchair or playpen as they are able to keep themselves amused. Capricorn babies can be slow to warm up in social situations, so be patient and don’t push her into being sociable until she feels ready to mingle.

Aquarius – Jan 21st to Feb 19th

Aquarian babies have a strong sense of individuality, and enjoy showing off what they can achieve by themselves. They are curious about their surroundings and don’t like feeling restricted, so give your baby the freedom to explore and learn. They absorb information like a sponge so make sure you give them enough stimulation. Don’t overdo it though; a constant stream of information will eventually result in over-stimulation and irritability.

Pisces – Feb 20th to March 20th

Babies born under the sign of the fish are naturally quieter than babies born under other star signs. They are happy in their own company, but thrive when they are in the company of people who love them and shower them with affection and praise. This helps them feel more secure, which baby Pisces needs. Piscean babies love using their imagination, so keep them entertained with brightly colored books and stories, and give your baby washable pens so he/she can exercise his artistic streak.