If anyone thinks that being an escort is really easy, then think twice. It is not a very decent job for any woman. But, there are women who have willingly taken it up as their profession. To them, it feeds their family, it keeps them good and well-settled and that is why it is not less respectable than any other 9 to 5 job that a so called sophisticated woman takes up. But to say that escort jobs are only for those women, who are not educated, is wrong. There are many women who work as escorts in Chennai and they are very happy doing this job. Irrespective of the circumstances that have pushed them towards this profession, there are women who are educated and have degrees to flaunt. Clients that ask for escorts from escort services in Chennai also prefer educated girls or women. This is because there is a concept that being educated, they would be more presentable in front of the society or in gatherings where they are escorting their clients to.

However, it is not easy to start off in the profession. It is better to be a part of a Chennai escort agency or take some references from other Chennai female celebrity escorts. At the same time, one has to have certain qualities before starting of as independent call girls in Chennai.

What Does It Take To Be Good Escorts In Chennai

A handful of qualities must be present in the girl or woman who wants to take up the job of an escort.

  • You Have To Be Outgoing – There is no point keeping yourself in the shell. If you have to make a mark and carve out a place for yourself in the fiercely competitive world of Chennai escorts, make sure that you break down the walls. It is not going to help. If you are not confident, and appear to be cooped up and restricted in front of the clients, then you are sure goner. Be outgoing, talk your heart and mind out to conquer your clients.
  • Should Know How To Talk and Keep Your Clients Engaged – You do not need to know magic, but remember that you are an escort and not just a prostitute. There is a difference between the two. While the other just sells sex, escorts are compete package. From spending time, making conversations, to entertaining and also forwarding sexual flavours, an escort has to do it all. So, have a clear picture of the world you are about to be a part of.
  • It Is Not Only About – As mentioned just earlier, whether to have sex or not with your client is your decision. If it is part of the deal and you are fine with it, then go ahead. But, if that was not the part of the deal, then you have the choice to back out. As an escort, you do have the choice. So, make it.
  • Do Not Show Your Emotional Side – There is no place for emotion in the world of high profile Chennai female celebrity escorts. The competition is cut throat and you have to make a survival. So, do not show mercy to your fellow competitors. Also, refrain from bringing your emotional side in front of your clients. Remember, they are paying you good bucks for having some great time with you. You are an investment for them. So, give them a good return on their investment.
  • Do Not Give Into All The Whims And Fancies of Your Client – Simply because they are paying you, does not mean that you have to indulge yourself in the nastiest of things. This is not necessary at all. Remember, that you are doing a job and if you are an independent escort in Chennai without any bindings of rules and regulation on you, you can very well say no to any rubbish fantasies that your client has. You might not be in a very respectable job as the world calls it, but do not forget to respect yourself.
  • Do Not Accept Costly Gifts – Stick to your professionalism. You are in this profession for the money. So, be clear with your clients on that ground. There is no bargaining involved, just strict business. So, handle it just as a business person would do. It is better not to accept costly gifts and other favours from the client as it might lead to developing an emotional attachment with any specific client which might not be good for your profession and for you in the long run. Or, you might end up facing false charges of extorting costly things from your client which might lead to legal hassles or simply tarnish your name.

Being an escort is not an easy job and not everyone has it in them to tread this difficult path. Hence, ensure that you have these qualities as these will help you become an expert in the profession.