A businessman has to select a particular or some particular media of advertisement for its product. The success or failure of a businessman largely depends on the media of advertisement he selected. Therefore, a due case should be taken in selecting the media. While matching the right media, the following points should be considered:

Nature of the Product: Nature of the product determines the media of advertisement. Consumer products, like tooth paste, cold drinks, soaps etc. which are used widely by masses need wide coverage through radio, television, newspapers, general magazines etc. on the other hand, industrial products like raw materials, machinery, tools etc. need focused coverage and can better be advertised through trade, technical and professional journals or mail advertising.

Nature and Size of the Market: The number, geographic location and purchasing power of potential customers also affect the choice of media of advertising. If the number of customers is large and scattered throughout the country, newspaper, general magazine, radio and television will be effective media. On the other hand, if number of potential customers is very small, direct mail advertising may be adapted. Where product is to be sold only in the local market, outdoor display such as advertising boards, wall painting, loudspeakers, cinema slides etc. will be suitable. If product is to be sold throughout the country, press advertising or advertising through – radio and television will be more effective.

Objectives of Advertising: Object of advertisement will also influence the decision of selection of media. If the object is to create, maintain and increase demand of the product or to provide maximum possible exposure to the product a combination of several media such as press, outdoor advertising, direct mail advertising or advertising through radio and television may be adopted. Prize contests and exhibitions are used more profitably to maintain sales and build goodwill of the firm. Where object is to recruit employees or to sell some property or auction sales etc. press may be the best media of advertising.

Cost of Advertising Media: Funds available for advertising and the cost of the medium per prospect are important considerations. The cost and the number of people covered are different for different media. The cost of advertising per prospect may be calculated by dividing the total cost incurred by the total number of prospects covered. The ability of bearing the cost of advertising also varies from enterprise to enterprise. Thus, in selecting media cost of advertising and the capacity of the enterprise to bear the cost should be taken into account.

Circulation of Media: When the message is to be conveyed to a large number of people, newspaper, radio and television and other media having wide coverage should be used. But when message is to be conveyed only to a limited number of people, magazines, direct mail and other media having limited circulation may be used.

Nature and Status of Customers or Type of Audience: The class of people to whom the message is to be addressed is very significant in media selections. If the customers are illiterate and poor, audio visual methods like radio and television film slides should be used. If the customers, for example, are educated and well-to-do, newspapers, magazines, outdoor displays and direct mail may be used. In selecting media, economic status, religious customs and feelings and attitudes etc. of customers should taken due consideration.

Media used by Competitors: In selecting advertising media for the product, an enterprise must consider the advertisement media policy used by the competitors or the producers of substitutes. The above factors have bearing on the selection of an advertising media. However, in practice a business firm does not depend solely on a single medium of advertising. A combination of several media is used simultaneously to meet the competition and penetrate into the market to create brand loyalty. A comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of different media and their cost should be made to choose the best combination of advertising media.

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