There has been a dramatic increase in recent years in people building tiny homes. This is a great way to get out of rented accommodation and create the financial freedom that many people struggle to establish.

But, the tiny house is not for everyone; it can be extremely difficult to live as a family in a tiny house. However, a well designed small house can offer the affordability benefits of a tiny home while providing you with the feeling of space like a large home. It all comes down to creating the right feel when you design the internal spaces.If you are creating your own small or tiny home then you can get professional help with all or part of the project; you can learn more here.

This guide will help you set the right tone:

Vault The Ceilings

If you angle the ceiling away from the house you create space above you. This will instantly make any home or room feel bigger. You can opt for the standard V shaped roof style ceiling or you can look at create a true feature such as a dome-vaulted ceiling.

The extra benefit of this is that it draws the eye; boosting the feeling of space.


The more light you get into your small house the bigger it will feel. Again, this is connected with the feeling of space which is provided by light and air in your home.

Ideally add windows which will catch the sunlight and are above normal eye level. This encourages people to look up while natural light floods the space.

Of course, big windows from the floor up can also create a stunning effect and draw the outside in; boosting the size of the space.

Bring The Outdoors In

Instead of ground to ceiling windows you can add glass doors; these will enhance the feeling of the outside being inside. Get these open and add a small decking area outside to use as additional living space and your house will feel much larger.

You can also add a few plants inside your small house to enhance this feel. If necessary put these at eye level or just above; again making people look upwards.

Open Plan

His has become a common design feature in many homes. Open plan houses allow the lines between rooms to be blurred and overlap. This can make each section feel larger and make it easier for people to communicate round the house.

Whether you need to keep an eye on children or want to feel part of a gathering, an open plan home can help you achieve this while making your small home seem larger.

Avoid Clutter

The final stage of making your small house feel larger is to avoid unnecessary clutter. This means only having the basic furniture or even incorporating it into the design of your house. For example, a walk in closet appears to take up no room but it allows you to keep all your clothes and some other possessions out of sight; making your space feel larger.

Assess The Flow

If your small house plan appears to create obstacles between rooms then your house will feel smaller than it actually is. It is important to ensure the pathways between rooms are open.

This is not the same as an open plan house. When your home is open plan there are no walls. However, you can create walls by positioning your couch in a certain way to create a room space. This will create a barrier to the flow of the house and shrink it. Keeping your furniture to the edges of the rooms will help to ensure the house feels larger than it is.

Go Up

When you decide on what items you need in your home you could incorporate them into your design but up higher than you would expect.

For example, your television can be mounted into the wall, not just on it. This will maintain the feeling of openness and reduce the amount of furniture you actually have on the floor.

Use Color

Don’t forget that white or pale pastels will make your home feel larger. Darker colors may be warmer but they will shrink the space; which is the opposite of what you want.


Do not be tempted to shrink the furniture; this will create a peculiar feel that can actually shrink your home!

Instead use full size furniture and, where possible, glass elements. The more your furniture appears to float the larger your house will feel.