Fairness cream is not only for ladies but men as well.There exists fairness creams of different types in the market today and many people purchase and use them in an effort to improve their skin complexion. However, fairness cream has its limits as well as drawbacks. Fairness creams can only work to a certain extent. Before using any fairness cream, skin experts recommend some basic and important information that you should have and here is a review.

Capabilities of fairness creams
Skin color or complexion is determined by the amount of melanin. Melanin on the other hand is determined by the body’s genetic makeup. The race also influences the amount of melanin on the skin; black or dark skinned people have more melanin as compared to light skinned people.The amount of melanin on the skin can only be affected by fairness cream up to a certain limit beyond which no further effort can produce any tangible changes. Skin experts estimate that skin fairness using any fairness cream can only be achieved to a maximum of twenty percent.

The main function of fairness creams is to prevent secretion of melanin. It also prevents harmful sun rays from damaging the skin tissues. So, while using fairness creams, you might want to go slow on the sunscreen for face or generally sunscreens because they have the same function. However, when using fairness creams take note of the following side effects.

The drawbacks
Excessive use of this particular type of cream can lead to severe damage to the skin tissues. As already stated above, fairness cream can only work up to a certain limit beyond which further use will only be harmful or just be redundant with no further changes. The reason as to why excess use of fairness cream is harmful is because it contains harmful elements that should not be in high amounts in the body. The elements in question include bleaching agents such as mercury, nickel, chromium and hydroquinine. Too much of these elements can cause the following skin complications.

Uneven facial skin tone
Skin allergy
Growth of unwanted facial hair growth
Exuding capillaries on the skin
You might develop skin allergies you never had before
It can trigger the growth of unprecedented facial hair
Super sensitivity to the rays of the sun even in the smallest intensity.
Development of acne if you never had them. On the other and if you had acne, they might increase in appearance to the level of severe discomfort.
Skin cancer;this is also a possibility, which it makes usage of fairness creams a delicate routine that should be done under the supervision of a professional dermatologist.

In addition the above challenges, continuous use of the fairness cream can make your skin to become too thin thus limits its ability to perform its core physiological duties, On that note therefore, it is important to know the pros and cons of fairness cream usage; the basic things you can learn to do or avoid even without a skin care practitioner’s supervision.

The first important step to consider when dealing with any skin care regimen is to make sure that your skin is properly hydrated by drinking 6-8 glasses of water everyday. As a result,moisturizing is crucial both during the day and at night. Besides that, you need to keep you skin healthy and germ free by bathing or washing it on a regular basis. You can also use a separate sunscreen lotion for protection against harmful UV rays from the sum. For the face, use sunscreen for face.

Given the variety of fairness creams that flood the market today, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. However, to make your shopping easy and risk free, go for aloe based fairness creams; they have been proven to work best for inflamed as well as tanned skins. As external hydration is important,so is internal make it a habit to detox regularly and take plenty of anti-oxidant rich fruits. If this is not an option for you, eat a lot of fruits especially those that contain plenty of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants as well; they boost the production of collagen and elastin, the two vital components of healthy and glowing skin. Avoid exposure to direct sunrays by use of  umbrellas and shades while going out.

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Avoid creams with hydrochloric acid and ammonia as one of the ingredients; they cause severe burns. The same goes for creams that promote acne breakouts. You may not realize that all these can be avoided if you are not so obsessed with attaining a fair skin as is the common trend nowadays.

Dark skin is beautiful as it is. Do not support the common trend of fair skin and the stigma of being dark. If you have to display your beauty to the world there are other methods you can utilize to achieve the same effect. Always consider the skin’s functionality over its ornamental or aesthetic appeal. If you have to use a fairness cream though, consider the above tips; you can consult a dermatologist if the situation prompts it. Do not trust every advertisement that you come along, stay happy and love yourself.

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