In autumn, when the temperatures drop, it is important to choose comfortable shoes, in a material that will protect you from the cold and humidity. The boots are perfect to enjoy this season while taking care of your look. Leather, suede …, discover all our advice to make the right choice.

You do not know which type of shoes to choose? Some criteria will help you choose primadonsanddonnas. adapted to your morphology and your lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to do some research and take your time to select the perfect pair for the season! Autumn also heralds the return of rain and cold. You will therefore need a model designed in a resistant, comfortable and perfectly waterproof material. First of all, opt for shoes with a non-slip sole that will ensure your safety even in wet weather. The gum may be suitable, but will not allow the evacuation of perspiration. For optimal comfort, bet on a leather sole. Although a little more expensive to buy, this material will also have the advantage of holding up better over time. the high heel boots with fur are particularly stylish, comfortable, but are more suitable in winter. Before checking out, also remember to check the seams and invest in a waterproofing product if necessary.

Which material to choose for optimal comfort?

To feel comfortable on a daily basis, it is important not to neglect comfort: think about it by choosing the pair of boots that you plan to wear for days on end. Although inexpensive, synthetic materials tend to deteriorate easily, and to warp over time. They also prevent perspiration from evacuating well, which can create various annoyances such as blisters or bad odors. Better to invest in a natural material, unless you are ready to change shoes very regularly. The woman’s boots in leather or suede are ideal for the winter without neglecting his dress style! You are bound to find a model that you like: there are all styles. Shoes made of leather or Well-groomed suede will easily retain their shine throughout the winter, and even a few more years.

What material to choose for trendy boots?

To be trendy this fall, you will be spoiled for choice. Material side, leather remains a must. In addition to being ultra comfortable, it will resist friction and bad weather if you take care to maintain it regularly using a suitable wax and a waterproofing product. This year, riding boots will once again find their place on the shelves. Don’t hesitate to invite them into your wardrobe! They are perfect for styling any outfit, and can be worn with jeans as well as a little dress. Leather boots are timeless and can be worn on any occasion: at work or in the evening.

Buying shoes

This decisive moment is essential to choose THE pair of shoes that will fit you perfectly. To shop smart follow these steps:

  • Do not buy at the end of the day: by dint of walking, the foot swells and you risk choosing a model that is not for your size.
  • Don’t buy too high: yes, killer heels are very glamorous, but if you don’t master them you will look ridiculous!
  • Start with a thick heel: no need to tightrope on an impractical stiletto heel. In addition, square heels are very trendy!
  • Choose a quality pair: plastic shoes are inexpensive and often fashionable. But you will quickly see the difference on your feet covered in blisters. Prefer leather!

The colors that dress the shoes

The shoes are dressed in soft colors like the pastel yellow ankle boots to soften the winter cold and bring a touch of light to a dark outfit stylo shoes, or the mint green sneakers with flames which make the charm of the pair. To wear with jeans or a tailored suit depending on the desired effect.

In neutral tones, we find the beige and taupe Victoria sneakers with a silver touch. Otherwise, nothing beats a pair of black shoes, so we adopt the flat boots, to wear with a little black dress or a midi skirt .