Getting inked is a big commitment, and unlike a new outfit or a hairdo, tattoos are permanent. So, before making a decision, it is important to think long how much you want to spend. Here comes the importance of the factors that determine the cost of a tattoo.

This post reveals some useful aspects based on which you can evaluate tattoo prices in any given location. It will also answer to your question how much is a tattoo in Philippines or any other location.

·         Level of Detailing

The more details you need, the more you have to pay.

A tattoo is a combination of colours, creativity, precision, passion, patience, and dedication; thus, there’s a price for it. Usually, the levels of details are classified into three different levels.

Shading – This adds to the outlines

Contour – This adds to the outline of the tattoo (often used for lettering of small tattoos)

Complex – Complex details are added to the outlines as well as shading. All the intricate details have an influence on the time required to create a tattoo and also the cost for it. Body art with such high level of detail are always considered an expensive piece of art.

Artist’s Experience

The overall cost of a tattoo depends on the skillset and experience of the artist. There are many professionals where they charge on per hour basis. This is good as it ensures a quality result. Usually, the price of tattoos starts from $100 to $300 per hour, and based on the complexity of the design; it may vary up to thousands of dollars. For custom tattoos, the per-hour pricing structure starts from $50 to $300.

·         Colours Used

The more colours you will use, the more hefty the tattoo will be. Some people believe it is so because the artist needs to change inks that add to the additional expense. What mainly adds to the cost is the attention to detail that artists put to complete the tattoo. The same theory applies to gradient inks. Tattoos with a different gradient will cost more as compared to the tattoo with one plain colour.

·         Tattoo’s Placement on the Body

The part of the body that you want to get the tattoo can impact the time commitment as well as complexity. For instance, your back or chest brings a smooth canvas,and it is easier for the artists to work on it.

On the contrary, places like knees, ankles, hands, neck, and other bowed areas need additional up keep. You will always want to get inked from a professional who can keep the design fluid and uniform even in different consistencies and levels.

To get a better idea about the prices in tattoo studio Philippines or any other preferred location,visit the studio in person and get quotations from the artist. Discussing the design with the professionals will also help to get things clear and concrete.

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