New Year, New Marketing Campaign

Being marketing savvy is essential these days –  as the business world has never been so competitive. 2016 has seen a lot of advances in online marketing, everything has changed and as a business it can be very difficult to keep up.

However, good marketing is essential for your business and you need to stay one step ahead and jump on trends as soon as they emerge, if not be the trendsetter yourself!

To keep savvy in 2017, here are some helpful tips to kick start your marketing campaign and ensure you have a successful year ahead.

Augmented Reality

Pokémon Go has been huge this year. It appeared to come out of nowhere and create a storm of fans marching around up and down the country being interactive with their phones. The hype around Pokémon Go may be dying down with some of its less hard-core fans, but the hype around augmented reality is only just beginning. Perhaps your business could jump on this brand new bandwagon and create something to get customers engaged with your brand.

Refresh Your Website

It may seem obvious but revamping your website can have a huge impact on your marketing. You may have spent a long time creating a site that you love and says everything you need to say about your brand, but even a few subtle changes, such as new banners and plugins can help give you a much-needed reboot.

If you are embarking upon a fresh marketing campaign it only makes good business sense to keep your brand identity fluid across the board.

Develop Your Social Media

Social Media is incredibly influential and an essential marketing tool, but don’t forget to review how your pages are doing. It is important to reach and engage with as many followers as possible through your social media pages, but if one medium isn’t doing too well, and you’re spending more time on it then it’s worth, don’t be afraid to move on and try a new social media platform.

Live Streaming

With Facebook Live emerging this year, it’s added a whole new element to the world of Social Media marketing. Going ‘Live’ is the most interactive way to communicate with your followers. Your followers can get involved in an instant conversation with you (as a business) and identify with your product/service.

Video Production

At the heart of any marketing campaign is Video Production. Video can thoroughly, yet easily communicate lots of information to clients, making it easier to understand. Video advertisements also work extremely well on social media -they are eye-catching, easy to follow and likely to be shared and promoted.

You can also use video production for inbound marketing. Getting a message or training across to your staff and colleagues is so much easier and more effective via video. Whatever you want to advertise or put into video format, great production companies in Manchester can help you achieve a slick presentation that your viewers won’t forget.

Data Visualisation Tools

To better understand your businesses marketing needs, you first need to understand your facts and figures. Number crunching and statistical analysing can be tough work, especially for small businesses, but it is essential to know before making a big marketing moves. Visualisation tools are a great way to quickly and correctly realise what your needs.

Start your 2017 Marketing Campaign now; reflect on the year just gone and where you want to be this time next year. Set achievable goals that will make a positive impact on your business.