Finishing university is exciting, but what happens to all your stuff? Find out your options for your university belongings so you can focus on this major life transition.

 Finishing university is so exciting. You are looking at a new career, or maybe a gap year. At the very least you’ve got a break from all of those dissertations and essays, yay!

There are of course hurdles with a transition this huge, one of which is your belongings – where will they all go? For three years you have accumulated various items to make yourself comfortable, to dress up on nights out, to help you learn. It all made sense then, but now, you’ll soon be without accommodation but still with loads of stuff.

Don’t worry, we have some great suggestions to help you understand your storage options when you leave university:

Could You Leave It In Your Uni Accommodation?

Some people choose to stay in their university accommodation for another year or so after finishing because they plan to do a work placement or work experience in the area they studied. Maybe you don’t need to move your stuff at all?

What About Mum And Dad?

If your parents have a big enough vehicle, maybe they can take your items home for you and store them for you. They are unlikely to have re-utilised your room in the time you were are university so if you’re moving home anyway, it could be an easy win. You might want to sell off some of the items you accumulated that you no longer need though for ease.

How About Cheap Self Storage?

If you are going on a gap year or you don’t plan to live at home, perhaps you’re not sure on your plans in the near future, self storage is a great idea: are a leading provider.. You could use it in your university town or you could use it in your home town as there is always a facility nearby to accommodate your needs. The costs are always reasonable, and you can choose the size of unit that suits your needs. The contracts are often flexible too, so you don’t have to worry about committing to a years worth of payments at a time. See for more information.

Have You Thought About Ditching It All?

If you’ve watched the likes of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, Tiny Homes Nation or The Minimalists Documentary, then you might already know that most of us don’t need the majority of what we own. It should either be something we absolutely love or need, otherwise it can literally stop us living in a much more streamlined, happier way. Stuff can weigh you down! It may be that you have assumed that you need all of your stuff, but when you really look at it all, you really don’t! Sell it or give it away and be ruthless, you might end up with such a small amount of stuff, storage really won’t be as much of an issue.

Leaving university is such an exciting time, but you do have to work through a few minor issues to get settled in your next stage of life. In the grand scheme of things, your belongings are not the big deal. Your career, your plans to travel, your friendships and having a great time are the key priorities. But, your belongings can be a bit of an annoying practicality that does need dealing with. Luckily you do have plenty of options, including the ones listed above. Soon enough your belongings will be but a distant memory as you move on to the next exciting stage of life after university.





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