Jaipur is undoubtedly a city of dreams for a traveler. He or she can get and experience way more than this city than they have originally expected. Yes, you can book your tickets to Jaipur without a second thought and embrace all the positive vibes, and historical experiences it shares with you. Being the most-loved city in India among foreign travelers, the Pink City, never leave a stone to astonish a person right from his soul. The red and pink painted walls, houses, offices, and shop, the awesome street food, the lovely sceneries, the greatest hotels in the world, and a remarkable staying experience, urge more tourist to visit it in the peak seasons.

Even though there are a lot of things a person can enjoy in Jaipur, there are certainly a few that one must do while visiting. After a careful and deep evaluation, we have completed the following list that includes all the possible experiences you must have during your visit. Here you go:

  1. Rooftop Dinner in Jaipur

Rooftop Dinner in Jaipur is something that every couple should have in order to deepen their feeling of love and affection. When you will be sitting on a high-rise building’s roof viewing the vivid lights of vehicles come and go while sipping your red wine, that will be a scene worth capturing in your camera. But remember not to just stick with your regular diet and dig deep into the city’s unique offerings like dal batichurma, biryani, and chholakulchas.

  1. Nahargarh Fort Cycling Tour

Nahargarh Fort Cycling Tour is gaining more popularity over the past few years. Unlike the solo trip to a temple or a monument, these kinds of tours demand you to work out and exercise in order to fully enjoy it. You sweat, you stop, drink water, and then go again, that’s the actual thrill of this cycling tour. Nahargarh Fort is located on the edge of Aravalli Hills and you can witness a grand view of the Pink City from the top. The duration of this Cycling tour is 3 hours and it starts from JalMahal. You go slowly at first making your way right in the middle of a thin road sitting amid two gigantic hills. Every step challenges you to either stop or keeps going. While on the tour, you hear the mesmerizing chirping of birds and feel the fresh morning breeze hitting your face.

  1. World Trade Park

People usually don’t want to visit malls during their visit to a city. They prefer completing the list of highly-popular places first. And there is nothing wrong with that. However, you will be missing a lot if you don’t go to the world trade park mall in Jaipur. Being the flagship mall of Jaipur, World Trade Park is a lot more than just being a destination to empty your pocket. It offers you an enriched experience. You don’t have to buy there anything if you don’t feel like it. Just get in and see how the cultures of multiple countries blend there as one.

  1. Jaipur Photography Tour

What is good in visiting a place and not taking a single photo to remember afterward? Jaipur is literally one of the most exciting and gorgeous cities in the world. If you don’t take pics of it from a perfect spot, how would you remember the great architecture it flaunts off? Most celebrated photographers in the world specially come to Jaipur just to beautify their albums with the awesomeness of Jaipur. Jaipur’s photography tours are some of the best ways to capture the entire city with your camera.

Since one can know about the most popular visiting places in Jaipur just by Googling it down, the things written above are some of the hidden gems that no one actually tells you about Jaipur. As a result, you miss them while you were in the city. Traveling is not always visiting the places or doing the things that everyone else has been doing in the majority. It is doing something that only the locals know, eating something that tourists wouldn’t notice, and going somewhere that is only accessible by a local guide.