Tourism is gradually becoming a significant industry in India, and is currently, the third-largest foreign exchange earner of the country. The flourishing tourism sector in India has had a cascading influence on the Hotel Industry in the country.

India holds an influential position in the international hospitality market. The hotel industry in India has emerged as one of the most important sectors of the Indian hospitality industry which is driving the growth of the country.

The country provides one of the most diverse landscapes and a vivid kaleidoscope of various cultures. The hotel industry in the country is presently undergoing various innovations both in terms of technology and marketing. To provide the consumers with exceptional experiences, there are numerous theme hotels which have been working on enhancing the stay of the consumers at a place. Be it the historical palaces of Jaipur which has been converted to heritage hotels or hotels by the sea that provide the consumer with a private beach. Additionally, there are upcoming boutique hotels that have been gaining popularity in recent times, which provides the individual style and atmosphere and a personalized approach to every guest. Then, there are always the luxury hotels which maintain high standards of services and qualities and have chains all over the country.

Presently with the adoption of technological advancements, the hoteliers have an abundance of options to wow the customers. Hotels have been working on the seamless guest experience. Though not the most attention-grabbing of the trends, hotels are implementing technology to automate the entire guest experience right from the start to the end. It has been introducing optimized direct booking engines and one-click check-in functionalities to make it an easier and more convenient for guests.

Recognition technology is one of the most important emerging technology trends that has been making news in the hotel sector. Biometrics is being used to usher in a new age seamless authentication like unlocking hotel rooms by facial recognition technology or fingerprint.

The hotel industry has also been investing in various marketing strategies to reach various types of customers, with different preferences and priorities. Customer service in the hotel industry forms a major part of the hotel marketing strategy. Artificial intelligence has been adopted in the sector to further enhance customer experience. The introduction of chatbots is one of the best ways to ensure customers receive quick responses all day long, eliminating slow response times.

hotel industry in India

Another marketing strategy that has been currently gaining immense popularity is influencer marketing. With the disruption of social media in our daily lives, there has been a boom of online bloggers and vloggers who are known as social influencers. Various hoteliers are paying influencers having a significant online presence to endorse their hotels by creating video content, written posts, social media posts or some other form on online marketing.

Additionally, the Indian government has realised the country’s potential and has been working towards promoting the tourism and hospitality sector of the country. The government has allowed 100% foreign direct investment (FDI) in the development of tourism construction projects like hotels, resorts and recreational facilities. This has also been one of the driving forces in the development of the Hotel Industry in India.