Tablecloths can be generously sized to ensure optimum elegance. The sizes of standards tablecloths may vary among different collections. Let’s discuss the table cloth standard sizes for square and rectangular tables.

• Cocktail Napkin 6″ x 6″
• Luncheon Napkin 18″ x 18″
• Dinner Napkin 22″ x 22″
• Placemat 14″ x 20″
• 8 seater tablecloth 70″ x 90″
• 11 to 12 8 seater tablecloth 70″ x 108″
• 12 seater tablecloth 70″ x 126″
• 12 to 14 seater tablecloth 70″ x 144″
• 12 to 14 seater tablecloth 70″ x 162″
• 16 to 18 seater tablecloth 70″ x 180″

Apart from square and rectangular tables, the most common varieties are round tables, for which the size of the clothes are:

• 90″ round for 8 seater table
• 108″ round for 10-12 seater tables.

Buying square tablecloths

If there is any big event there around the corner, then you have to make appropriate preparations to get your tablecloth for square table collection at the earliest. For cheaper options, make sure that you get table covers wholesale for your square table which are also made of top-quality materials and have a perfect appearance to blend with your theme.

Even though people are commonly looking for the 34×34 tablecloth for square tables, sometimes the requirement may be for customized size. Don’t may any mistake, but take proper measurements and get what you exactly need. In the standard size itself, you can find 54” square tablecloths or 90” square tablecloths based on the size of the table.

Whichever cover you pick as 54″ square or 80 or 90-inch square tablecloth, explore among the options between the polyester linen tablecloth, waterproof and eco-friendly disposable vinyl tablecloth with a protector cover, premium wholesale sequin square tablecloth, or the checkered polyester picnic square gingham linen, etc. Tablecloths can be made of practically any material, including sensitive textures like weaved silk. Eating fabrics are commonly made of cotton, a poly-cotton mix, or a PVC-covered material that can be cleaned off, however, they can go from practical covers to fine materials, as long as they can be washed. A few materials are structured as a feature of a general table setting, with organizing napkins, placemats, or other brightening pieces. Exceptional

On buying a quality square tablecloth from a reputed provider, you may throw it for multiple parties overtime without buying new every time. You may visit the online store to find the top quality products. Some top options to choose in specialized square tablecloth are:

• Square 70″ Royal Blue Polyester Premium Tablecloth
• Square 54″ Burgundy Polyester Premium Tablecloth
• Square 54″ Pink Polyester Premium Tablecloth
• 60″ x 90″ Clear Disposable Eco-friendly Vinyl Tablecloth
• Square 54″ Royal Blue Polyester Tablecloth
• Square 54″ Turquoise Polyester Premium Tablecloth
• Square 70″ Premium Polyester Tablecloth
• Square 70″ White Tuscany-Inspired Polyester 250gsm Tablecloth
• Square 54″ White/Green Checkered Polyester Gingham Tablecloth
• Square 54″ Fushia Polyester Premium Tablecloth
• Square 54″ Premium Ivory Polyester Tablecloth
• 60″x108″ White Disposable Waterproof Lace Vinyl Tablecloth
• Square 70″ White/Rose Checkered Quartz Polyester Tablecloth
• Square 54″ Orange Polyester Premium Tablecloth
• Square 70″ Tuscany-Inspired Ivory 250gsm Polyester Tablecloth
• 60″x90″ Disposable and Waterproof White Oval Vinyl Tablecloth

In fact, you can only use a square tablecloth for square tables and rectangular cloth for tables of that shape; however, it is possible to consider various tablecloths on other shaped tables. For an oval table, you can use an oval tablecloth or rectangular tablecloth. For a round table, go for square or round tablecloth whereas, for an octagonal table, you can use around or octagonal tablecloth.

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