Times are changing, and so is the definition of a perfect family. Now, you will encounter couples who don’t want to have a baby, particularly at the start of the relationship, and that’s quite normal now. This happens often due to the reason that couples want to enjoy their life free of worries. Some couples also think that they don’t have prepared, or have time to accept new responsibilities.

However, these thoughts never remain the same throughout your life. You can feel at some stages of your life that you should have a baby. But this is not a must thing to happen as many couples are enjoying their lives and happy relationships without producing a single baby.

But if you are willing to have a baby, it does not mean that the only thing you need to do is to have unprotected intercourse. It’s just for fertilization, the main thing is to find whether you are fertile or not. But if you are struggling to get pregnant, there might be various other reasons for that as well other than infertility. So before going to take a female or male infertility treatment, you should know whether you need it or not.

You might wonder how you can know if your fertility is good or not. This is quite simple. Following are some signs of good fertility, check them and find whether your fertility is ok or not.

Male Fertility

It is hard to determine if a male is fertile or not just by some signs. It is a common belief among people that males are fertile till the date they are having erections and ejaculating sperms. But this is not the fact, as the health of sperms matters the most. If you are ejaculating unhealthy sperm, these are useless. Following are some signs that can help you to determine male fertility.

  • The first thing is the amount of semen you released. If you are releasing 2 ml to 5 ml semen per ejaculation then the quantity of semen is healthy. But only semen is not the guarantee. If per ml of semen contains 15 million or more sperms then it is a healthy ejaculation. Less amount than that shows infertility.
  • The next thing to note is the mobility of the sperms. Not all of your sperms released in ejaculation may be mobile. But at least 60 percent of them should have proper mobility to make you fertile.
  • Also, keep in mind the shape of sperm. If all your sperms are round-headed and long, then you are fertile as these can easily get into an egg.

Female Fertility

Female fertility can be determined quite easily by different signs during each menstrual cycle. Following are some signs regarding healthy female fertility.

  • The first thing to notice is the duration of your menstrual cycle. If your menstrual cycle ranges between 26 to 35 days then you are fertile. It means that you are releasing an egg every month.
  • The next thing is the discharge of fluid during the period. Your body gets ready to get pregnant soon after the first half of the cycle. If you can notice the discharge of a clear fluid during this time it means that you are fertile.
  • You can also determine fertility even after the end of the cycle. If you are discharging an average amount of blood then you are fertile. The average amount means it should not be too low or too high.
  • The next thing to notice is the pain during your menstrual cycle. Pain is a common thing during this period. This pain is referred to as cramps. If the pain is normal and bearable then it means that you are fertile and can carry the pregnancy.
  • If you think you can track the period of your ovulation then you are fertile. Ovulation usually occurs after half a cycle. This means if your cycle is of 30 days then day 15 is the day of ovulation. But if your cycle length is irregular then it is hard for you to determine the ovulation period.

If you think you are fertile according to all these signs and still not getting pregnant then taking an IUI treatment in Lahore will be the best choice for you.

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