If you want to decorate your new home, or if you want to renovate your old living structure, then it is better to install glass balustrading as part of your home decoration. They not only enhance the look of your home décor, but they are also worth buying, as they last long, and can be maintained very easily. You can choose from tempered glass, safety glass and structural glass. You can also choose a glass that comes in textured, solid, opaque or curved designs. 

What makes glass an excellent choice is the fact that it can be used in a traditional balustrade or a railing system. They are versatile and can be used in the following structures: 

  • Balconies – An excellent option as a barrier to your balcony. Glass balustrades provide an unhindered view and your balcony looks larger.
  • Pool facing – Glass balustrades are an excellent option for pool fencing. They provide safety as per standards and they comply with relevant legislations. What is amazing is that they do not in any way hinder your view of the pool.
  • Staircases – Glass balustrades can be used on interior or exterior staircases. Your staircase will look like a floating staircase. Additional railings can be added for added safety. 

Here are some of the advantages of a glass balustrade system: 

Glass Balustrading

Glass Balustrading

  • Plenty of designs to choose from
  • Style
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durability
  • Easy installation
  • Clear view
  • Cost effective
  • Eco-friendly
  • Modern looking 

They are eco-friendly and strong:

Glass balustrades are an eco-friendly option. This is because the glass used to make these balustrades can be easily recycled. Glass does not corrode like metals, and they do not emit hazardous substances. Contrary to popular belief, glass balustrades are not weak and difficult to maintain. 

  • They are easy to clean and damages or scratches can be easily removed by polishing. This is an important aspect of glass balustrades. You cannot cover all the damages and scratches on wood or metal by polishing. 
  • Glass balustrades offer a fantastic unhindered view. They provide a sense of a larger space. This will add a natural splendor and elegance to your home. Since it does not confine spaces as wood or metal does, glass is an excellent option to bring in natural light and provide an illusion of space. 
  • Glass balustrades are strong. The age-old prejudice against glass balustrades is wearing thin. With the availability of toughened glass, glass balustrades are stronger than wood and metal. These are made of strong and durable materials and the best feature is that, you can get different customized options as far as your purchase is concerned. 
Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrade

How to enhance the protective coating for your home?

Protective glass coating further increases the durability of the glass. The glass will not be susceptible to scratches and applying a special wax on it will make cleaning easier. Glass is also extremely versatile. In its molten state it can easily combine with a variety of materials to produce various textures and colors. The variants open up opportunities for various designs and styles. Even if your home décor is a bit old-fashioned, you can still install glass balustrades to give you that modern sense of style and elegance. A regular maintenance routine will go a long way in maintaining the look and durability of your glass balustrades. Regular checks for loose screws, broken clamps or loose glass help you avoid a major maintenance. 

With all that being said, why don’t you add a little ‘beauty’ to your home? Whether your home is new or old-fashioned, a glass balustrade can increase your home’s style quotient up by several notches.