You may have seen or heard about these, but the long sleeve swimwear is the new trend of swimwear and sun protection all in one. If this is something you haven’t heard of as yet, then you definitely will this summer. Shown on the swim catwalks of Miami to be worn locally on the beach, this new trendy swimwear is glamorous, sensual, practical, and sun smart all that one. What else could you need for water sports or simply hanging around the beach? Embraced by celebrities and designers alike, this new trend is turning heads and is just the right mixture of elegant and sun smart. When you think of long sleeves, swimwear does not come to mind initially. But once you have seen these gorgeous pieces you will soon change your mind, and this could be the best beauty accessory that you invest in this season.

These pieces started showing up a few years ago in Europe and also Miami at the large swim collection shows with the looks being showcased on the catwalk. Not just for the surfers anymore, these pieces will look seriously cool anywhere you wear them and are really transforming what we think of swimwear into something more along the lines of fashion. We tend to think of swimwear as something that we have had in our wardrobe for years and pull out just to go to the beach. Not anymore, the new look of the swim is as fashion and keeping up with the trend is so in right now. Having a few pieces to mix and match or rotate as to what you want to wear that day to get in on the trend.

The prints and colours are also on-trend with these pieces and you will find that you can get just about anything that is in right now. On the catwalks, we saw animal prints as well as florals so get ready for these to still be around this season as with stripes and solid colours. The other things we saw were the more retro look back to the 70’s – think shades of orange and also the tie-dye look coming back in.

So, what is the go with this new line of one-pieces? Well for starters they have been embraced by women of all shapes and sizes as they are not only practical but also so comfortable to wear and let’s face it, versatile. From wearing at the beach to then pairing with shorts or even jeans – it’s the swimsuit/sun protection/bodysuit all in one! Not only do they look good on any body shape as they enhance the silhouette through their body-hugging sides but they also have a flattering leg line. Most women like to wear a one-piece swimsuit, tankinis, teen bikini, skirted swimsuits, swim shorts, trunks, and swim briefs. One of the best features if you get one with front zip, is that you can wear the zipper halfway down to create a sexy look or have it done all the way up for full sun protection. So versatile!

As we are starting to hear more and more about sun protection from not only health professionals but also the fashion houses and cosmetic companies, these come at a time when they are needed for both protection as well as fashion. Let’s face it, the sun is getting stronger and we are getting more exposed to the UV rays. The unfortunate consequence of that is that we are dramatically increasing our risk of getting sun damage and with that comes the unfortunate risk of skin cancers. In fact, the Cancer Council is now stating on their website that they predict that two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70. Pretty scary statistics and even more reason to start taking sun protection seriously. As mentioned, these long sleeve swimsuits have come at a time where we know we can go to the beach wearing the latest trend, be sun smart to protect our skin, and then look glamorous! How good is that?

Our tip is to look for one which has got the UPF sun protection in the fabric, that way you are ensured that you will be sun protected as the fabric will filter out all those harmful UVA and UVB rays. Also look for a style that you like and that will suit you. You will want to be comfortable when wearing it and you also want to feel good in it. Different styles you can get is where the zipper is. Some styles have it at the back so you have got a front that is solid and can showcase beautiful prints. Alternatively, go for one with a zip at the front which is our favourite style. Not only are they easier to get on and also get off, but you can adjust the zip position to wherever you like to have it. Have it all the way up, or for a sexy, sensual and tantalizing look – you can leave it down a bit for a bit of cleavage or even just a hint of it.

Caring for these pieces is essential as you will want to keep them in great condition. It is always recommended to read the manufacturer’s instructions which are inside the garment or a care card that comes with it. But the short story is to handwash it in lukewarm or cool water and then dry in the shade to ensure it will be maintained in perfect condition, ready for the next time you go to the beach.