Linear Slots Diffusers are an alluring option in contrast to the roof or high sidewall supply diffusers. Slot diffusers can be introduced exclusively in set lengths or a ceaseless line. They can likewise be introduced in a roof application. They are available from a running period of 1-8 slots, and most of them can be categorized under fixed core and the removable core model.

How Is the air design control monitored?

The air design control is customizable from the diffuser face and is accomplished by methods for a movable example control with each Linear Slots, empowering a full 180º air design change. The recommended volume control ought to be from the first channel run take-off, or from a butterfly damper fitted to the bay of the pad head box. Standard completion is a powder coat white while different completions are accessible to suit the inside and building structure requirements. Buy slots that are made of high quality aluminum extrusion materials.


Specification: Talking; about the specification, there are many special things about it, which sharing here one by one.

  • Each air pattern alteration segment contains two-stream avoidance vanes.
  • Fantastic impact gave a wide scope of current wind rates.
  • The stock air design is directable by modifying the stream avoidance vanes with no adjustment in the presence of the diffuser.
  • The diffuser is associated with the ductwork utilizing a plenum with mineral fleece as sound lessening material.
  • The linear slot diffuser has an expelled aluminum external casing, stream diversion vanes, and T-profiles, and be anodised or polyester-painted to white (RAL 9010) shading.
  • The removable linear slot diffuser is mounted into the plenum with invisible screws.
  • The plenum comprises an airflow measurement and adjustment module.
  • The linear diffuser is removable in order to provide access to the measurement and adjustment module in the plenum.
  • Flow deflection vanes and T-profiles are easily removable for access to the plenum.

Typical Applications

Efficiently planned blades give a tight level example that keeps up strength even at low wind stream rates, making the SDS perfect for VAV applications. Amazing for design applications, the SDS has many mounting styles and is accessible with various Linear Slots widths and amounts to meet a scope of wind stream requirements. Check whether the slots are equipped as per horizontal or vertical profile diffuser mainly through the air adjustment blades.

Construction Options


  • Supply (SDS)
  • Return (SDR)
  • Curved supply/return (SDC)
  • 4-way Slot Diffuser (SDS4)


  • Sloped (SDA)
  • Square (SDB)

Slot Widths

  • 1/2 in.
  • 3/4 in.
  • 1 in.
  • 1 1/2 in.

Slot Quantity

  • 1 to 10


  • Blank-off strips
  • Mitered corner section (MC)

About Installation

Code description

1.     Mounting bracket

2.     Transversal bar

3.     Screw

The plenum is installed into the suspended ceiling with M8 drop rods (not included in the delivery) and connected to the ductwork. Remove the T-profiles by pulling them gently, in order to access the transversal bars located behind the profiles. If there are multi-slot diffusers, then mechanical assemblage is required to assure rigidity and to maintain the straight line appearance on an overall mode.

Fit the installation brackets into the grooves of the plenum and secure them with the screws supplied with the unit. Put screws into the holes of the transversal bars. Screw on until the diffuser is flush to the ceiling.