We’re In This Together: Why You Need Mom Friends

If you’re a mom, the chances are that you have begun to feel a bit isolated. Being at home with small children can lead to a very insular lifestyle with only your family around. This is especially the case if your other girlfriends aren’t in the same stage of life as you – perhaps they’ve already completed their family, or maybe they aren’t ready to have babies yet. As a result, you can find that you’re spending all your time on your own. This is where mom friends can prove to be absolutely vital. So, why are mom friends so important? Let’s take a look.


Although it might be a practical reason, it’s no less important. Your mom friends can help to shoulder the cost burden of raising children by offering you their old items for your kids. From clothes to baby equipment, your mom friends will have lots of useful odds and ends that will help to make raising a little one more affordable.

Advice And Problem Solving

Although family might be keen to offer you a host of child-rearing advice and your partner might try to solve parenting problems with you, there’s nothing quite like the perspective of another mom. Your mom friends can share their tips and tricks with you and help you to find resolutions to the dilemmas that you’re facing in raising your little ones.

Your Own Personal Cheer Squad

Just occasionally, you have a moment as a mom where you really want someone to tell you that you’ve done well, and that you’ve just excelled in your parenting role! Often, partners aren’t the best people to be your cheer squad but your mom friends will be up for giving you the praise and recognition that you deserve for your achievement.

Need To Vent?

Every mom needs to vent from time to time. Whether it’s about their kids, their job, their partner or just about motherhood in general. Who better to vent to than your mom friends who know first hand just how tough the job is. You can really let out all your angst to your other mom friends and know that you’ve got a sympathetic ear.

Remembering Yourself

Often, when you’re a mom, you forget the person that you were before you had children. It can be all too easy to get tied up in the concept of being a mom above all else, and the person you used to be falls by the wayside. When you have mom friends, you can receive a useful reminder about the woman you once were before those babies arrived. When you’re with your mom friends, you can get back to your old self and be a woman first and foremost rather than a mother. That’s something that happens quite rarely in everyday life once those children are in it.

Playdates On Tap

Another great reason to have mom friends is because your kids can all play together. Even if they’re different ages, they can often have fun together and you can take some time out with your friends and just enjoy socializing, the way that you used to do back in the day before the kids arrived. They even give you an opportunity for child-free playdates for you! When you have mom friends, you have someone to go out with at the weekend if your partner is happy to babysit and someone to chat to on the phone in the evening when you just need a little company and can’t leave the house. Even better, your mom friends will completely understand if they arrive at your house for coffee and find you knee deep in diapers and toys! They totally get it!

Remember, your mom friends are going through exactly the same things as you, and so they’re the best people to understand your situation. If you don’t have any mom friends, it’s time to make some. You can join online groups for moms in your area or maybe meet them at kids’ play groups and baby classes. Once you’ve made some mom friends there’ll be no looking back – you can make true friends for life!