Welcome to Life and Experiences blog. The blog was conceptualised months ago when we thought that we should create a platform where topics related to life and its other aspects could be discussed. Hence, the start of the blog. Hope you find this blog enjoyable and informative.

Our life is beautiful but somehow, we bring our lives to such junctures where we make it stressed out. We begin to take it negatively and always seek after peace which, we believe, others’ lives have. We get dejected with everything we do. We become less patient and think  “Oh God! why that’s happened with me? Why me? “. In other words, we become frustrated.

In today’s world, everyone is running after a certain thing which he or she is not even sure of. Some run after money, some after power, some after fame or some always want to be in the lime light. But, if you ask them what’s the purpose or benefit of this, none has a clear answer. Why? They even do not know what exactly they need or where they should stop. All have become quasi machines.

But, if you really stay back, relax, walk instead of run and introspect, you’ll find that you are missing something in yourself. Life is not all about getting things, not about finding material happiness. We all need true happiness and peace but we block our own view and do not want to see things which may actually take us to true happiness. The primary reason for this is the current lifestyle everyone follows. We do not want to be pipped down by others. We hate defeat and hence, we run to catch hold of another, be it a colleague or a friend or any other social being. We want to be in competition and want to look ways to defeat others. The result is ‘we are down’. The fact is that we cannot always win. Hence, the frustration.

This blog is created to discuss matters with respect to life, its aspects and the beauty it has. Help us enrich the blog with your views and experiences. Your participation in the discussion will help our many readers (including us) a lot who really want a clear view of life but does not dare to move toward it.

Your comments, your suggestions and your views are very much welcome. That you are here reading the posts and leaving your opinions will be highly appreciative. Share your experiences with us so that all can know and learn from them. You are welcome to write for this blog too. Your articles will be published with your name. So, full credit will go to you only.

Once again, welcome to LifeandExperiences.Com. Let’s think broad and let the life move as it should.

Thank you!