Wigs are worn by people for a variety of reasons, be it health, cultural, religious or fashion. The market is flooded with wigs for both men and women, but in the case of the former, it is more a case of covering your bald heads. Many among us like to wear wigs to enhance our personality. If you put your wig in a professional manner, it will look natural and people may actually not realize that you have put on one.

Actually, there are several ways to fasten your wig, and a series of steps have to be followed. It will resemble the natural hair of a wearer and an individual will feel comfortable wearing it. There are various sources of buying a wig, you can pick it from the nearby salon or a hair stylist, and if there is enough time, then you can order it from authentic online websites. Half wigs online can also be purchased if you are looking to cover a certain area of your scalp.

The main reasons for wearing wigs

Wigs are worn over your hair and the primary reason is to cover your baldness. Normally, they are manufactured from various materials like synthetic materials (a combination of human and animal hair). People also wear a wig due to situations that arise from medical mishaps like alopecia or someone may wear a wig if they are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. For the fairer sex, the main reason for wearing a wig is to present themselves in an attractive manner and make them look larger than themselves. It is also worn as a costume for a theater, television or any event.

Different types of wigs in the market

There are different types and shapes of wigs in the market. Variations are bound to be there through which they can be constructed. From the perspective of wig bases, normally there are three bases- full, partial and non-lace wings. All of them have their pros and cons and come in different price and quality ranges
Full lace wigs
They are used in incorporating a few hair wigs as well as synthetic ones. They are light and comfortable for the wearer and the major advantage of it is that it can be parted and they look natural. One can even style them or makes them into a pony tail. They are expensive and wear out pretty easily.

Partial lace wigs

In this form of wig, there is a lace on the front line where some baby hairs are attached to it resembling a natural hairline. Someone may actually think that you are growing hair on your hairline and they are more durable because of the material used in them.

Non-lace wigs

Normally made of polyester, micro filament or nylon, they are sewed or fastened on to your head. They are more durable, affordable and versatile.
Apart from the above-mentioned categories, you can look up to the real hair half wigs that have taken the market by storm in the last few years. But research well before you opt for it.