Every Monday you wake up at exactly the same time. Every morning you have the same routine: get out of bed, move the drapes, head for the bathroom to freshen up with a bit of cold water, and head for the kitchen to make that cup of coffee that will bring you back to life. But no matter how much caffeine you take in, it will not be enough to truly restore all the energy. You are a hard worker, successful at your job, you deserve a little break. So plan this weekend all for yourself, bring someone with you, a friend or a loved one, and do nothing but lay back, relax, and most importantly, clear your mind completely.

Luxurious Hotel

Take a room at Luxurious Hotel

If you have managed to save up a little bit more money, but had no time to spend it, it is high time you visited the bank, cleared your account, and booked a weekend at one of the most luxurious hotels nearby. It might seem like a lot of money to spend, but believe me, you have deserved it. Ask for one of their best rooms with a view, and a big balcony to drink morning coffee on, after you have slept in. Remember that you are there to relax, so do not lift a finger. If you are hungry, you do not even have to leave the comfort of your own bed, but order room service, and your chocolate strawberries and champagne will be there in a jiffy.

Spa Retreat

Book a massage

If you are dead tired and everything is aching, from either running around the office or sitting in the chair all day, you deserve a four day weekend in one of the best health resorts where you can recharge by spending most of your time in their steam baths, or getting massages. They also offer numerous beauty treatments, facials, manicures and pedicures, so that when you get back home, you do not only feel, but also look better too. Most of these resorts have special packages which include full weekend treatment. For example, Living Valley health retreat offers three-day Rejuvenator package which include massage, daily steam-baths and deluxe facial, plus good food and therapeutic care!

Activate Yourself

Spa Retreat Run away

For those who need sports to get rid of all the negativity, book a spa weekend in a resort that offers gyms and group fitness classes you can join. Also, many people find their peace and balance while jogging down the track with their favorite music playing in their ears. But the best thing about staying at a luxurious spa is that once you are done with sports, all sweaty and tired, there are people who will please your every need, prepare you food, book a massage, and make sure that you are absolutely comfortable.

Dinner Date

Dinner date

You have been working so hard, that you and your loved one have not spend any quality time together for a long time. Pick a night, Friday or Saturday, book a table in one of the finest restaurants, and have a romantic dinner. Especially if you are married, it has probably been a while since you had a date, so this will be a perfect time to bring back the spark and strengthen the relationship you have.

Finally, if you want to relax, you do not necessarily have to go out or travel somewhere, as you can do it at home too. Just sit back in your favorite armchair, pick up a good book, or play a movie you have been dying to see for months, and do not move a muscle. You will need all your strength back on Monday.