Getting an invite to a wedding can bring a few different emotions. I mean, it is a privilege to see friends or family getting married and being there to witness it and share in their joy. But if you have been to a few weddings in the past, it may bring with it some dread. As lovely as weddings can be, some can be pretty dull, especially for the guests. A yawn from your guests is one of the last things that you want to see on your wedding day. So here are some ways to keep your guests entertained, and make sure that everyone, including you, enjoys the day.

Make Introductions Beforehand

Even though you or your partner will know everyone that is at the wedding, there are chances that many of the guests won’t know each other. So to make things run a little smoother, it can be a good idea to make introductions before the wedding day itself. If you have extended family from each side that haven’t met, then introducing them at a wedding rehersal, for example, could be a good way to ease tension on the day or any awkwardness for guests. When they know each other’s names, it is easier to strike up a conversation on the day.

Make Plans For Downtime

There can be a few times during the day that guests will be standing around a little. So having a few plans for them during those times is a good way to eliminate their boredom and make the time pass quicker for them. While you are having some photographs, could you arrange drinks and nibbles for them? You could even arrange something like a photo booth, much like Booth Boy Photo Booth, for instance. You can have a go on it later, but your guests can have fun with it while you are smiling for the camera or signing the legal wedding documents. Other things could be a guest book to sign, a chocolate fountain, a lounge area so at least they can be comfortable.

Keep Them Fed

If people are hungry or thirsty, then it can make them irritable, especially if they have had to hand around a little. So make plans to have plenty of food available for them. It could mean having servers going around with trays, or having nibbles on display for them to help themselves too. So check your venue and what might work. Having an open bar means people can help themselves to a drink while they wait for you to arrive, for instance, and they don’t have to rely on a server to bring them one. They will be grateful for the sustenance.

Consider Exit Strategy

While you shouldn’t be stressing out over how your guests do get to and from the wedding, you can make things a little easier for them. If some people will be travelling quite far, then you could suggest hotels nearby for them, if the venue itself doesn’t have any accommodation. You could block out some rooms at the venue for guests, as well as think about hiring a shuttle service for guests if the venue will be a little far out. This is certainly going above and beyond and isn’t necessarily necessary. It just depends on you and your guests and their needs. It can help them to relax, actually attend, and enjoy themselves more if they aren’t stressing about how they’re getting home.

Work Your Seating Chart

The seating chart can be a tricky thing to navigate, especially if there are people that don’t get along or you have family that are divorced or separated. So taking some time to work your seating chart and making it work for you, is much needed. Double check who is sat with who, and get other people to read through to check what you have put together (parents of the bride and groom are probably best for this). Having a good, well thought out seating chart is a free way to make sure that your guests have a good time.


Seriously, you won’t be enjoying your own wedding day if you can’t relax. There may be a few little mishaps that happen or things that don’t always go to plan. But no one will be able to enjoy themselves, including you, if you stress out on the day or something goes awry. Assign out tasks on the day to parents, bridesmaids or groomsmen.

Is there anything else that you would add to the list?