CPR or Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a highly effective, global first aid technique that is used to treat a person whose breathing becomes inappropriate or if whose has heart stopped pumping suddenly. CPR technique comes with rescue breathing procedure and chest compressions, both of which keep the blood and oxygen flowing across the body.


If you come across someone whose breathing has stopped or is an abnormal breathing or not responding at all to you after an accident, it is wise to carry out CPR along with calling for an ambulance.

Performing Hands-only CPR

If you are not skilled with CPR and giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a random person, you can perform chest compressions only with your hands, till the ambulance arrives.

Tips to carry out chest compressions:

  • Firstly, the heel of your hand must be pressed on the chest bone. Then try to place other hand on top of the 1st hand in order to interlock both the fingers.
  • After this, place yourself with shoulders going above your hands.
  • Then, make use of your body weight without arms to press straight down by at  least 5–6cm on the victim’s  chest.
  • Repeat the procedure until the ambulance arrives.
  • It is wise to perform at least 100-120 chest compressions in a minute.

These days, there are telephone assistance, which provides life-saving tips, including advice on performing CPR. You can even get the right way to perform CPR through your mobile phone.

How to perform CPR with rescue breaths?

If you happen to be knowing the basics of CPR, then it must include the rescue breaths. Be confident whole using your CPR skills, and provide chest compressions along with rescue breathing. In case you lack confidence, you can perform hands-only CPR as well.

How to Perform CPR on Children over 1 year old?

  • Primarily, place your one hand on the child’s airway and open his or her airway. Gently, tilt the child’s head back and lift his chin. Through this way, you can eradicate all the visible obstacles from the nose, as well as, the mouth.
  • Pinch the nose of the child and give 5 initial rescue breaths to him.
  • After this, placing the hand’s heel on the centre of the child’s chest and come down while pressing nearly one-third of the depth of the child’s chest.
  • Give 30 chest compressions along with 2 breaths.

CPR Training can encourage you to save the life of a dying person. Why not take the wise step and help one restore his life?

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