Life is an ever-changing game where sometimes you’re at the top and sometimes you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, or even lower. There are many skills and traits that make some people more prone to success and good things happening to them. Even though you might think it all has to do with look, in fact there are many ways in which you can start attracting only good things and let success come your way.  Stop seeing how everyone around you gets what they want and become a go-getter yourself! Check out some of the most effective ways to improve yourself, be better at everything and ultimately be more successful.

Do something that motivates yourself everyday

Improving yourself to be a better person and attract success is an everyday task, but we can’t deny that sometimes your mood is running so low you don’t really want to get anything done. A good way to accomplish your goals is to find an activity that motivates you everyday and fills you with the energy you need to start getting stuff done. This “something” can be anything, it could be preparing a hearty breakfast for yourself, doing a small list of goals of the day, having a morning routine to get ready with upbeat music or reading motivational quotes first thing in the morning.

Read more to become smarter

If there’s one trait that highly successful people share it’s the habit of reading. If you really want to become a better version of yourself and face practically anything life throws into your way, get a good selection of books and start reading them. Reading is an activity that can do wonders like help you discover new worlds, improve your language, explore different ideas from your own, get new perspectives, expand your knowledge and prepare you for several situations. There’s no downside of reading, so even if you don’t feel like reading a heavy book you can still pick up a magazine or scroll through online articles. Just remember to do it constantly to make it a habit instead of just doing it from time to time.

Improve your loss management skills through online gaming

No man has ever lived a perfect life where things happened their way at all times. This is why learning how to cope and deal with loss is important in order to become successful. The road to success is always filled with obstacles that could come from anywhere from the outside world to your very mind, and sometimes things are just going to work out differently than you expected them to. Surprisingly, online gaming can do wonders on this subject. By playing online games you get a feel of what happens when your plans don’t come to term and you end up “losing” in life, and you have to act quickly to change your plan of action.  Just log into an online gaming website such as Beastsofpoker and find hundreds of useful and entertaining games.

Start a new project once a month

People with real goals and real plans to make them work are most likely to be successful. If you’re looking for a productive way to improve yourself, you could make a commitment to start one new project each month. This project can relate to any subject you’d like, and it could be completely personal, or you could share it with someone. Start growing a plant, build a new piece of furniture for your living room, learn how to ride a bike, finish a 1,000-piece puzzle or finally get started on that small business idea you’ve had in mind for a while. Projects make you a persistent person that sees things until the end.

Think like a leader

This action seems more complicated than it really looks like. Understanding what a leader looks like is the most common thing, that usually confuses people. You can start with small actions such as being more empathetic of others’ feelings, learn to communicate openly and effectively, no matter what you do, do it confidently, be authentic at all times and most of all take responsibility for both your good deeds and your mistakes. When you think like a leader this becomes a habit, and soon enough you’ll realize you can manage difficult situations like a total leader, people will turn to you for advice, help and even your approval.

Commit to a sport/physical activity

They say a successful person knows the importance of taking care of themselves, and we must say this begins with your body. Since your body is your temple you must make sure it’s in optimal shape. Besides the obvious fact that this is good for your health, committing to a sports or physical activity can help you strengthen skills such as compromise, persistence and effort. Even if you’ve never done sports before you can take things step by step. Sign up for a gym and work out half an hour a day, get tennis lessons or simply commit to do 100 pushups a day.

Get rid of toxic/negative people

What good is it to try to be a better person if you still surround yourself with negative vibes? A very important step in order to be successful is to make sure you have only people who cheer on you and help you reach your goals. But how do you know if you’re around toxic people? Be on the look for people who are so full of drama it actually ends up affecting you, people who leave you feeling angry or exhausted, people who shame you when you talk about your plans and people who never apologize for hurting you. Remember toxic people can even be found in your most intimate circles, but you should stay clear of them because they’ll only drag you down instead of letting you reach success.

Improving yourself is a very healing process that starts from the inside and ends up reflecting in your success. If you start acting on these little ways, soon you’ll realize how achieving your goals gets easier, and one day you’ll wake up and realize success is a reality that you’re already living.