When it comes to the government, they are known for taking a long time to accomplish tasks that would take others less time. This is in part because of the lack of pay incentive or growth in the government sectors, combined with the fact that it is fairly hard to fire and replace a government employee. While it might not be possible to motivate government employees to work harder, there are ways that the government can make improvement in technologies that allow people to work smarter and in a more automated fashion. These methods can help businesses by saving you money:


Legacy and Outdated Methods

The government spends billions of dollar per year simply maintaining old and outdated systems. The government has to maintain and analyze a lot of data each year. They keep information on peoples’ banking accounts so the IRS can tax you, they track what people say and do online to prevent attacks from happening, and they overall try to predict which way society is moving so they can stay ahead of the curve. That’s not to mention the standard data they have to collect and keep for people’s’ everyday needs like health care, social security, and driver’s’ licenses.


This requires massive databases and IT infrastructures. Many of these systems don’t perform as well as they could. When governments make moves to improve these systems however, it can have major effects on businesses. If the government is saving money, the likelihood is that you are saving money too by paying less taxes.


Security Improvement

If a government is not in line with DFARS or other security regulations it can cause big problems. Security is one of the most important aspects of modern technology, especially for the government. Even the Pentagon and White House have been hacked by foreign actors in recent years. For this reason, the government needs to invest more in security.


When they do, however, it can pay large dividends for everyone involved. More security means less of a likelihood that your information will get hacked. After all, you have to have a business license and file with the government. If you are a small or private company much of this info is private. But if the government’s were ever to be breached, you could be in for a world of hurt. Hackers could access your banking information, your “secret sauce” like your systems of business that give you a competitive advantage, or even your customer list. This would be drastic and costly for you. Therefore, better security measures on the government’s part is always going to help you save money.


Other Improvement Areas

There are many areas where the government can extend cost cutting to you. For instance, the better a service is managed on the government’s end, the more people that will be happy in your community and it could help with your recruitment strategy.


By offering 311 services and other community services online, it helps the entire populace. Long gone are the days where you had to call into a number. Now, you can get apps that let you do it online, which is in line with how people want to operate and use technology today.


It can also help government contractors win more business. When you are able to bid online through an app, it helps you cut costs. You don’t need to visit the offices for long and drawn out meetings. You can use the efficiency of the government to win more contracts at the same level as before without spending more money.


When it comes to the government, they might have an earned reputation for being slow and inefficient. However, that is why when they step up to the plate they can really help businesses save money. When the government is more efficient it cuts out a lot of costs from society in general which will filter to your business too.